Update on hip pain

Hi there , had two steroid injections in hip for bursitis on Monday!!! I had this done before 2 years ago and this time was quite painful. Maybe there was more inflammation this time . I have rested for 2 days and the pain in my leg has reduced considerably so i hope treatment is working well. Was told not to over do it for two weeks then start physio exercises. I was going to update on the day but I couldn't get on to healthnlocked site! This appears to have sorted itself out somehow! Wishing everyone good health 🌸🌸🌸🌸

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  • Glad to hear that the steroid injections were beneficial. I used to have the same treatment up until a year ago. I now use ice on one part of my hip an heat on another. It is good to start exercises after the recommended rest period as the inflammation will have reduced. I take turmeric capsules an have cinnamon on cereal etc an that has also helped with the inflammation. Good luck with the treatment.

  • Thank you , i hope it is successful this time x

  • Yes, I hope so too. I always felt great after I had injections, but the inflammation soon returned. The Physiotherapy department then decided to clear all their lists of patients, and patients were advised to seek another referral from their GP. At that point I decided that I would try and "heal myself". It has been a long hard slog and so far it is paying off....x

  • I had same problem 2 years ago . I am going to do my own plan of exercise from research I've carried out. I hope i will have success this time as well 🌷

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