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Excuse me

Excuse me

What Ho Folks.

Yes it's me again. I almost don't want to blog about me because I am doing so well (at the moment) and I know others are having such a poohy time. But I hope especially newbies will take heart from what is happening to me.

After the "Razor Blade Incident" I have been feeling better and better as the days go on. I have got into a routine.

My RA ed Wednesay afternoons organised by the OT team, is proving it's worth. We had this lovely Physio come to show us some exercise. She was so sweet - like a little pixie - and she was no spring chicken, but her could thrown herself about a bit. The good thing was she works almost exclusively with RA sufferers so was very understanding. She had us flapping arms, legs and other various bits about like it was going out of fashion. Even old RH had a go - bless him. It's daft really because most of it is common sense but we use all sort of excuses not to exercise. There was a young woman there with aggressive RA, on crutches, and she had here doing all th exercises too. She was telling how much she has improved, both physically and mentally since she started (the Physio had been giving her one to ones)

Problem is the word exercise usually strikes fear and foreboding to lazy so-and-so's like me. "Don't have time" or "it's boring" or "it hurts", but the benefits far outweigh all of that. And mostly we are not sure how much it should hurt or what to do if it does hurt, which is when most people give up - like me!

There are numerous exercises you can do sitting watching the telly, writing a blog, reading the paper etc etc, just got to put your mind to it - Clenching butt cheeks as we speak. Coupling that with the old re-bounding and I am feeling a lot lot better. It gives you more energy.

Do you know I almost think that I have been resisting some things, because I knew that if I was looking and feeling better, the old RH would expect me to do a full days work. Now whether that was in my mind, or his, because he didn't understand - I'm not sure. One thing his attendance at the Session this week has done (apart from tone up his abs) is made him realise what RA is and how it is affecting me. (just swinging right leg under table as I type). See?

It is all still very early days and I don't want to think about what might happen in the future... just taking each day at a time and planning and organising myself makes a big difference. I write down the things I want to achieve that day and tick them off as I go, then at the end of the day see what I have achieved and

compare that to how I was and the positivity just flows!!! On my list yesterday was 5 important phone calls, a meeting, and submitting the VAT on line. I managed all of them! In between exercising, napping and watching Jeremy Kyle (ooops sorry didn't mean to say that).

To day mainly I have on my list :

(after my exercising regime!)

Write a blog

Sweep kitchen floor

Start on the new Phone index for the office because I can never find any phone numbers!)

So that's number 1 ticked off! :-) Tatty bye xxx

Julie x

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You amaze me, i was going to say sometimes, but i think its all the time, you know, the positivityness is beaming out of you and bouncing around the old cyber world and in to our rattlely RA bodies, yoU have been at your lowest in the last few months and have climbed out of it, and I personally find it very inspiring.

So now I'm full of inspiration I have a blog to concoct.

Love and hugs to you



Cor fanks.... :-) Just got back from hospital and put tea on, ticked off other items on list too! Makes you feel like you are achieving something.


Julie xx


just dont overdoooooo it xxxx


I know Ali, I am trying very hard to keep an eye on myself. You know, it's a blooming full time job! I've stopped thinking,,, Oh I'll just do this, just do that, if it's not on my list I put it on for it to take its turn, (unless its something urgent of course, like dialling 999 because the frying pan is on fire) (silly me)... I might sound manic, but I really am not. Take care me duck

Julie xx


you sure your not manic??? xx


Well done Julie, delighted you are so upbeat - keep on blogging. :0)


Thank you Gina.. hope it lasts! x


Ha, ha, you now have me clenching my butt cheeks :)

Fab to hear your doing well…girl after my own heart with the positiveness, love it!

I do lists too, it really helps.

And yes "one day at a time" is the only way to go…

Right I'm off to hit the hay as my man is coming food shopping again in the morning, which is a result, but I have to get up at silly o clock!

Good night,



Thank you Steph... happy shopping x


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