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Advice 'PLEASE'

Good morning all, well I have been up since 4 with pain. I have a question to ask. On Friday I had a cataract op which was very painful. I have astigmatism so had to have a special lens fitted. The pain has not subsided and the eye drops seem to make the pain worse. Has anyone been through this and if so how long before things settle down. On top of everything else I think I am going mad. I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday xx

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Try calling 111 now....... I called on a Sunday morning & they got me an appointment at my GP surgery within the hour.

If the first person you speak to tries to fob you off...........insist on speaking to a doctor or at least a nurse.

The first person I spoke to had very scant English & robotically asked questions that she obviously didn't understand......very off putting, but as soon as I spoke to a nurse it was all sorted.

Being Aged I know many people who have had cataract surgery & NONE of them have said it's 111 now Mary!

Good Luck



Thank you for your reply. Everyone I know who has it done say it's not painful. Not sure if I am just being ultra sensitive. We have am emergency eye clinic at the hospital so I will give them a call xx


Hello Mary, l second AgedCrones's concern to get advice asap. I know lots of people who have had cataract surgery and the only one who had pain was my mum. She put up with the pain and didn't go for help soon enough and later it was found that because she has dry eyes and also heals slowly the operation was compromised. Basically it went wrong and that eye now doesn't see well. I don't mean to scare you but it was put down to not knowing her history well enough and the time period between the op and getting help. To reassure you, she was brave enough to get the second one done which was sucessful because they knew her problems that time and were very careful.

Hope you get some help and relief soon. x


I had a cataract op in may. Was only a bit sore for a day but was ok after that. Drops made eyes sore for a couple of days that's all. Wasn't painful at all


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