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Pain in hands and feet

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Hello all, hope you are all as well as you can be.

I just wondered if anyone else has pain in the bones of their hands, not just the joints. My hands and feet today are so painful. I keep getting shooting pains in my bones of my hands. As I am new to this disease I just thought it would be useful to ask.

I was under the impression it was just the joints that hurt.

Thanks for looking xx

9 Replies
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Sorry to hear that you are in pain with your R A. At first I got pains in my hands, wrists and even up my arms that did not appear to be located in the joints. So I know what you mean. I sort of assumed or may be I was told that it was referred pain which 'originated' in the relevant joints. I am 2 years into this and it's more or less under control but even now when I get flares the pain is never that clearly localised. I'm just thinking 'my hands hurt' or 'my feet hurt'. What you describe sounds very familiar. But the treatment will help you get through it and if not let the medical staff know. Good luck. xx

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Hello there, yes, I get bone pain as well as joint pain, and occasional shooting pain up my arms and legs. The 'shooting pain' sometimes feels like an electric shock. I'm not sure how long you've been on treatment but agree with Kenbell about contacting your rheumy team if it continues like this or gets worse. All the best, Fran

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Thank you both for your help. Both posts really useful to read. I did a bit of research and they also think I have Osteoporosis and that can cause pain also.

I am nine weeks into my Hydroxychloroquine therapy and understand it's early days with that treatment as it takes a while to kick in. I have an appointment with my Rhuemy in Jan and hopefully will be reassessed.

Patience is a virtue!

Thank you again both of you and hope you have a good day xx

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Angela123 in reply to hev53

Hello. Hope you are in not too much pain today. I have an appointment with my rheumy today about new medication and just wondered how you are getting on with the hydroxy? Have you had many bad side effects? My RA started in May this year.

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I am sorry for your pain.

I have pains as you describe.

I am 10 years into rheumatoid conditions, first PMR and now RA. The first symptoms of RA was incredibly painful feet then the shooting pains in my hands and wrists, not joint pain but very painful general and shooting pain -often seemed to be in the back of my hands but sometimes in the palm. I had broken my wrist about 6 months before and actually went back to the consultant to complain that it wasn't set properly! I am not sure what I thought the other one was!! I have never had painful joints but general shooting pains and a lot of swelling. I have been on all the usual treatments you read here and am now on tocilizumab infusions. These have been miraculous but in the past couple if weeks I have had shooting pains again in my hands. I see my consultant before Xmas so we shall see what she says.

My own view of RA is that it is a complex, mullti faceted disease and presents I many different ways. It is systemic in nature so you may feel just unwell without a specific cause. I hope this helps you to begin to understand the nature of this disease. If I paint a gloomy picture I am sorry, it is not always painful and I can have quite lengthy periods relatively pain or symptom free.

I wish you well for the future.


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hev53 in reply to tilstongal

You are right about the multi faceted aspect of this disease. I am thinking that as it is a auto immune disease our genetic make up and our immune systems are unique, so therefore we would all have commonalities but also individual symptoms as well. Just a though..................thank you for your good wishes.

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I got pains in my hands,, and feet everyday,,,

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hev53 in reply to 11shirls11

Sorry to hear that. I can fully sympathise with you.

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Hi i have pain in my hands and feet, also my joints.

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