Kai?? 😞

Hi guys,

Don't know if you're all aware but Kai has withdrawn from posting or contributing here. He is only contactable via PM but he doesn't seem to be responding they're either. I for one will miss his quirky,informative,sometimes confusing,but always coming from a good place posts. Maybe we could change his mind by sending him messages? We can all be generous of spirit and let him know we'll miss him ☺. Xx


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  • Ive not been on here for long, but appreciated kai 'liking' a couple of my posts. Might sound a bit dim, but how do you pm someone?

  • Hi Penny,

    If you tap on his name, you will get a green box saying Message, click on this and you can PM him. His last post was a day or so ago if you want to find his name to click on. Hope that makes sense πŸ˜€ x

  • What I don't understand is why it's a grey avatar (which usually means that the account holder is no longer a member, deleted their account but previous posts & replies are still visible) but then they wouldn't be able to post, (which I think suggests that the account has been suspended, restricted or banned by HU or our admin team but the grey avatar being visible doesn't suggest that). It's the still being able to post but not receive or respond to replies on the main site that confuses me more &, if we are understanding correctly, receive PM's, that said it appears they're not being replied to!! It's an odd one.

  • Hmmm, I see what you mean nmh.

    Its odd but then Kai is a bit of an enigma. Suppose we just wait and see if he responds (hopefully) x

  • Maybe the admin team will be able to throw some light on it tomorrow.

  • Yep,

    Maybe there's a reason that we are unaware of that they can inform us ofπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜•

  • It goes grey if you leave, I think?

  • really can you still get In touch with Kai cause the avator has gone blank and I presume that it meant he has left I haven't spoken with Kai for a while but I always like our chats and I hope we see him again. Will be gutted if Kai has disappeared I have not had much time on my hands to get in touch or keep up with the things on the site but please let us know if Kai has gone. Thanks

  • Oh no....I did notice something odd with his avatar but as his post was still I assumed he was still around? I know he was a bit fed up a while ago but I still spotted him when I popped on...don't come on much myself now. Thanks for posting this Gwynedd, you summed his posts up perfectly and I too agree they were always coming from a good place!! 😊

  • I think we all can kind of get a bit of fed up from time to time with some of the disagreements that were going on but I am not sure if Kai would of left for that reason or I hope he didn't. Right I am off to bed got a bleeping long week and need to be up early tomo. Hopefully we will find out what happened to kai or Kai will post again at some point. Night all.

  • I am in the dark as is anyone else about this.xxx

  • Oh dear, I hope Kai's alright. I enjoy his quirky posts and sense of humour so hopefully this is just a break to focus on current events in his life.

    Wish you well Kai and thank you. X

  • May be being cynical here but as all these forums are partly funded by drug companies and KAI was an advocate for a diet based approach perhaps he was no longer welcome..... I wish him well wherever he is

  • Dear Nik8210,

    I just wanted to respond quickly to your message about HU. Whilst it is true that HU receives funding from pharmaceutical companies, they are also funded by academic institutions and Clinical Research Organisations but only in terms of recruitment for research opportunities. They have no control over the content of the communities and it is mainly NRAS administrators who monitor the site.

    Hope that clarifies a bit more how HU works and I'm sure Kai will really appreciate all the supportive comments on here.


  • Thanks for clarifying this...but are you able to give us some info as to what has happened to Kai...has he been suspended or did he delete his account?

  • Hi 3LittleBirds2, There's been no suspension so I can only assume they have removed their account for the time-being and are only accepting private messages (hence the message on Kai's profile - healthunlocked.com/user/kai--)


  • Thanks Emma

  • Clicked on the link and it came up 'page no longer exists'

  • Try this one healthunlocked.com/nras/pos.... & click on username (Kai--) then Message to send a pm.

  • It doesn't really. I've asked before who funds NRAS but they declined to answer. I would like to know as much as anybody else because I find it odd that my posts on alternative medicine were deleted.

  • Hi Delicateinput,

    You can view our accounts quite openly on our website and see where our funding comes from. I have put a link to our annual reviews below for you:


    I'm sorry if some of your posts on alternative medicine have been deleted in the past. It wouldn't have been because they were about alternative medicine. We respect all viewpoints so long as they do not conflict with the community guidelines. Please don't feel that you can't post about this subject in future.

    Very rarely we delete a thread when the posts get too aggressive on it to preserve the welcoming spirit of the site and there have been glitches on HU where posts have disappeared. Hope this helps,


    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • Wow Delocatenput your posts were Deleted about alternative therapy that's sad so sorry

  • Also miss his quirky posts and humour. Did pm him, but sadly no reply. All good wishes to you Kai if you read this.😿

  • Hi all, perhaps Kai is taking some time out or has just decided he doesn't get as much from the forum as he used to. In my experience a lot of forum posters don't stay around forever and there's only a handful who've been active longer than 4 years.

    It does show what a wonderful caring forum NRAS is when you are concerned about a missing regular poster. Let's hope that Kai still reads posts and will see how much you all care for him. :-)

    Luv, Legs X

  • Yes, I like Kai too... It would be sad if he dropped away

  • I did struggle with reading such loooonng posts with so many different formats, but despite that I appreciate having many different points of view on the site. RA is very variable, and we're very variable, so we need a good range.

  • Hi all, I've had a reply from Kai today. Apparently his account was restricted due to some complaints ect.. He was however reinstated but all his past posts have been deleted. He's struggling to open up a new account again for some strange reason. As you can imagine he is upset by how he had been treated as he feels need only ever tried to help others freely. I don't know if he'll be back, but let's hope so. Its good to have all different views here, whether you agree or not, diversity is good for your soul people 😘😘

  • I'm glad you've posted that gwynedd. I guess I've had the same reply (messages to & from HU & admin) but I decided I'd ask if he minded I informed those asking of what's happened & I've not had a reply yet. Hopefully that will explain enough for everybody concerned.

  • Kai did reply to me yesterday. I also asked if he minded if I posted something on here. You can of course pm him. All very sad.😿

  • Yes I received an extensive reply explaining what's happened but I've not received a reply to my question asking if it would be ok to let everyone know so still unsure if he wanted us to share what & why.

  • Hi nmh, I've had a reply from him which led me to think that he wouldn't mind us discussing and supporting him here. But then I do hope i haven't over stepped the mark, it's easy to misunderstand meaning with text. He did say that he felt genuinely touched and moved by our concern, so at the very least we have made him feel valued.πŸ˜€

  • It's just me gwynedd, I'd prefer to be asked if it was ok before sharing info so chose not to not having been given the ok, that's why I was pleased you'd taken the initiative & posted. Things tend to get blown out of proportion when something odd like this happens.

  • Hi gwynedd. I'm glad you did post too, for the same reason as nomoreheels. I wanted to say something. There are some mean people out there, haven't seen any evidence on this site though. We can all see the best in Kai. This is an open forum and we can take or leave any advice when we can clearly see it's coming from a good place as you said in your first post. I too hope Kia feels better for the support he has received from us. X

  • Thank you Gigi, I hope I have done the right thing by raising the issue. As I said before the point is that we all use this forum because we Need to! It's a place for us to come to discuss and share our experiences with others that understand.

  • That's strange as NRAS said they didn't restrict him. Anyway, I didn't realise Kai was male, I always assumed Kai was a female...not sure why! Hehe

  • Hi crashdoll,

    I anyways assumed Kai was male, hehe. Probably because my nephew is called Kai as well, but hey, i could be completely wrong πŸ€”. Apparently they did initially but then reinstated him /her.

    Let's hopeKai can come back from this.

  • He or she is on other forums, and if you're restricted on one it affects the others.

  • It was on another forum he/she was a member of where the issue arose not NRAS Sophie.

  • That's a shame about Kai. :( While I didn't always agree with his views, I found him genuine and wanting to help. We aren't going to click with everyone in life or online but I'd like to think that can all rub together and get along.

  • I guess there were some on other sites who didn't either, something outside our control so the admins & HU themselves reacted & this is what happened. It's one of those things, I didn't agree with everything posted either but some I found interesting, it'd be a boring world if everyone agreed but we make concessions don't we.

  • I agree I think it is better not to share any personal info unless Kai is ok with this. I've also spoken to Kai and whenever I messaged him I always found him to be very caring and sensative soul. What has gone on has really. Saddened me regardless if you want to take meds look at alternative therapy or whatever our choices our.

    It is in the I individuals choice about How they treat their own disease and regardless if we agree with it or not Kai spent hours researching things and now all the info has been wiped well that is also sad because some people may of been interested to read what Kai has written about certain things and he hasn't been able to keep any of this info for his own personal use use now either.

    I really hope that someone from Nras can explain why Kai's account was removed because if this has been partly due to talking about alternative therapy well For me that is just very sad.

    Really is sad to see tgat first of all Pixie had prob with account and now Kai. Wishing you all a great day. ❀️❀️

  • Hi Gwynedd, I totally agree with you and thank you for passing on the info. Kai strikes me as a sensitive soul and it must have hurt him. Obviously I don't know what's happened that's between Kai and the people who felt the need to report him/her... I hope he/she reads your post and sees how much support they have on here?! There was something similar with a poster called Pixie who had a lot of trouble re-instating her account.

  • I think it was something to do with a spam accusation, which was proven unfounded. I hope Kai does read this post also, we're all sensitive really, and let's face it we're all on this forum because we need it.

  • Absolutely!! Time will tell if they come back.

  • That does not surprise me.

  • I'm glad Kai hasn't left, but will miss his archive posts as I like to peruse them as there is always so much in them to take in at one reading!

  • I agree Em,

    Loads of interesting and quite often funny videos

  • Em Kai can't post on the forums anymore!! :(

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