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Does anyone take calcium?


Morning peeps🙂

I was wondering whether any of you take calcium or something similar to strengthen your bones? I've had quite a lot of prednisolone and steroid injections and I'm concerned about the negative effect it might be having.

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I was prescribe AdCAl by my

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How long ago? I am wondering whether to ask about it. However, I'm on iron tablets and I'm not sure if I can take them both together?

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I take adcal even when i was on iron pills

Definitely ask. I have Adcal + D3 and Folic Acid. Also try to eat oily fish at least once a week. a pint of skimmed milk every day will also help. I have RA and Osteoporosis. If you don't get it, insist, or buy your own. x

The day I started steroids, I was put on AdCal. I have been told that I have to take it for as long as I am on steroids.

I though as much! I take D3 and folic acid. I also take a low dose of b12 to maintain my levels.

I have had far too much prednisone and it has taken a toll on my bones. I take calcium tablets and recently an infusion of alendronic acid. I am trying to avoid steroids now I know their danger to my body...not just bones. I would ask for a bone density scan to start with to see if anything is going on.

I started calcium and vitamin D since the day one when I was diagnosed of RA.

I'm prescribed AdCal-D3, Moomin, have been a long while. There are also foods rich in Vit D & calcium you can add in to your diet, oily fish, red meat, egg yolks, fortified cereals, nuts etc & of course natural Vitamin D from sunlight (my Consultant 'prescribed' 20 to 30 minutes of exposed sunlight, no sunscreen, depending on the time of year) but I was living in Spain at the time so it was more readily available! Trouble with that here is we're coming into winter now so the days of sun will be fewer & the sun less powerful. I'm screened annually for Vitamin D, just had it done at my last bloods, last March it was 53 nmol/litre, not had my latest result back yet. I take 3 mg deflazacort (corticosteroid) daily. I was diagnosed with OA at the same time as RD (at 48) & routinely have a DEXA scan biennially. I also take Omega 3 fish oil daily. I've tried 2 oral bisphosphonates as requested by Rheumy but GP advised to stop them due to side effects, contemplating infusion.

Hope this is helpful.

Ask your doctor about having a bone density scan (DEXA) to see what the state of your bones actually is. You are right in that you are in a high risk group if you have had a lot of steroids (anything more than 3 months of them increases your risk). I'm in the same position, but didn't want to take any supplements or bone strengthening meds until I knew whether I really needed them or not. My GP was happy to refer me for a DEXA scan on the basis of the steroid use, though I do have other risk factors (coeliac disease, family history of osteoporosis). I'm just waiting for results now.

The problem with calcium supplements is their poor absorption. It seems like coral calcium and something called Nano-cal would have the best absorption. Worth a try.😊 Best natural source is leafy greens.

Thanks x

I too have spondyloarthropsthy and was previously on steroids for over two years, thanks to misdiagnosis of polymtalgia. I took Adcal all that time but still have osteoporosis (I believe it is common in spondyloarthropsthy anyway).

Recently my consultant told me not to take calcium, just Vit D, as I have a good diet and there's always a risk of kidney stones with taking calcium supplements. I asked to be referred to the bone metabolism specialist and she concurred re calcium. I will have to take alendronic at some point however.

As you have been on steroids you should definitely have a dexa scan

I have been on steroids for 31 years and was prescribed a a calcium/vit d powder that made a disgusting drink, so wasn't very good at taking it, which I regret, as I got osteoporosis, however have been taking calceos tabs for a good many years now. Through reading posts on here I have started taking Vit. K2 supplements, they are quite expensive, but hopefully will benefit from them. I have a Dexa scan next week. I would ask your GP why they haven't given you a calcium supplement as you need to take them. Good luck.

My Pilates teacher who is also a physiotherapist tells us it's not calcium we need for strong bones it's vitamin D (and K2). That suits me fine because I don't drink milk or eat yoghurt. I do eat a lot of oily fish and green vegetables though. Have a family history of osteoporosis but so far my bones have been fine - could be luck I suppose but I still don't want to drink milk.

So very true, milk is by far not the best source of calcium. Leafy green vegetables are a better choice😊

There seems to be such a wide range of theories! I though I'd drink some milk last night (feeling guilty lol) and wished I hadn't! I don't know if it was simply coincidence, but I was very restless all night and hardly slept a wink😕


I take calcium and vitamin D prescribed by my doctor I was on alendronic acid but was giving me side effects. I have recently had a fracture to my knee without a fall or trauma to it , so I had a bone scan and I have osteopernia.

I've started eating eggs drinking milk and I was eating raw spinach as thought it good for me turns out eating spinach raw , it binds with something in the body and stops the absorption of the calcium into the bones. What a shock all these months been making it worse so I'm going to see a dietitian so as to get it right . So my advice to you is definitely ask your gp for calcium n vitamin D supplement.

Hope that helps

Dee x

Hi- just an update: my gp has put me on Calceos. Calcium and vit d3 chewable tablet- taken twice a day (on the advise of my clinical nurse.)

The thing is: it was me who initiated it! It does annoy me when I have to do the research and make suggestions!

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It is maddening isn't it? Fortunately my Rheumy did initiate prescribing mine & bisphosphonates, which I didn't thank her for!

I'd recommend you have a drink of water handy once you've chewed them, I would think they're like AdCal-D3, they may be lemon flavoured but they don't make your saliva go into overdrive like a real lemon does! Anyway result!

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Why did you not thank her for prescribing those meds? And yes, it suggested I had a glass of water afterwards - I thought they'd be awful but they weren't that bad really lol ☺

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It's just that the two I tried I didn't get on with, it's quite common unfortunately. No, the calcium isn't too bad at all but it does make your mouth dry hence the glass of water.

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