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World Arthritis Day!

Dear all,

As you may know, yesterday was World Arthritis Day - a day that aims to raise awareness of all forms of arthritis.

To mark this day, NRAS has launched a new video in which we look at what goes on #behindthesmile. Jane's story can be found here

Later this week we will also be launching a video from Donna, who helped us create the video and has RA herself. In the videos she shares with us what it's like to live with the disease and her reflections on the story. You will also be able to hear from Professor Iain McInnes from the University of Glasgow, who discusses the importance of healthcare professionals having open conversations with their patients.

Our CEO, Ailsa, also features in this video launched by EULAR on World Arthritis Day and listen to how people around the world are taking action to live life to the fullest.

Do keep an eye on our Facebook/Twitter pages and website for more updates!

Best wishes,


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Omg the video about Jane made me cry, I can so relate to this. X

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I'm just after watching the 'Jane' video and didn't realise that I was crying until it was finished. When I was with my Rheumy nurse on Monday I met a lot of the nurses who know me from when I was getting infusions. They all asked me how I was doing and of course I used the ubiquitous reply "I'm grand" (Irish for I'm fine), with a painted on smile too.

I have a mother who has been a hypochondriac her entire life so even when I m in pain all over I still won't complain as I don't want to sound like her as she complains non stop.

I have a great neighbour who knows just to look at me how I am doing. She tells me 'you're having a bad day Jean aren't you"? I just have to nod......enough said, wish there were more like her.

The videos are great, thanks.


Excellent videos especially the "Jane" one - I will be sending the link to all my friends and family. Paul.


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