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Stem Cell Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hey everybody,

Joe Rogan had Mel Gibson and Dr Neil Riordan on his podcast yesterday to talk about the use of Stem Cells for treatment in various different injuries and diseases.

This is super interesting because Dr Riordan started using this treatment on Rheumatoid Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis a long time ago.

You can listen to the podcast here:

Here are some testimonials of people who have been helped by this treatment:

It would be pretty cool if in the future we could just have Stem Cell therapy perhaps once every couple of years instead of having to take medications every day or week.

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Cheers really interesting, watched video by him on line: i know stem cells controversial but he was actually harvesting them from people's own body fat: miraculous results with RA and MS. Thanks for posting


I just watched that !😱how interesting was that .OMG !could you imagine how many people it would help .Well I'm a big Mel Gibson fan but the stem cell stuff was amazing .If I come into money I know where I'll be going 😉😁


I’ve applied to them for a quote to see how much it costs. Hopefully it won’t be crazy money. It has to be worth a try. If it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work but I’m comfortable with taking the gamble. You can’t take it with you as they say...


MY hairdresser had them to treat terminal luekemia, it worked and two years on he's well and back cutting hair and looking good. It was his only chance as had chemo, etc and no other convential treatment was left. Given months he's one check short of cured. Amazing how these things are going forward.

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I read the cost of 'stem cell treatments' for RD (not FDA approved) are being offered at clinics that make claims not supported by published science at US$10,000-20,000 or higher. Granted this was a couple of years ago so the approx cost may have changed since. The author, Dr Paul Knoepfler, calls these “dubious” clinics offering “dubious” stem cell treatments & are probably comparable to FDA approved stem cell treatment for cancer. He went on to say they were only being performed in private clinics & institutions, he expressed concern that University Teaching & Research Hospitals weren't performing them yet.

"I tell patients to be very cautious, and I advise against these clinics. There are risks to these kinds of treatments, including cancer, and usually there is zero evidence they work. Most often these folks are in a difficult situation. Either they or their loved one has pretty much exhausted all that today’s conventional medicine has to offer, but they are still suffering. Understandably, they are exploring other options, including stem cell treatments, which do sound exciting. These clinics also heavily use patient testimonials to sell their treatments to you, but I’d view such testimonials cautiously. As much as I think the world of the patients I’ve met and had contact with and as much as I myself was a cancer patient, testimonials are no substitute for rigorous medical science. I recommend educating yourself further". This link is recommended for further reading

No commitment on cost from Dr. Riordan's site, you've probably seen this but for those who haven't this is the stock answer

Treatment cost depends on the type of treatment required and will be discussed with you following patient application and diagnosis. The cost of treatment includes the treatment itself plus a Hilton hotel room with breakfast, WIFI, transportation from and to the airport with VIP airport gate service and expedited customs clearance upon arrival.

If you would like to get a ballpark idea about how much a particular treatment protocol might cost, please call 1-800-980-7836 and one of our patient coordinators will be happy to assist you.

Other info here


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