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Porky pig it's not me

Hello I am Janet I am in remission now for 6 months I had NHL I was treated with R Chop and I am now on maintenance therapy treatment of Rituxan for 2 years every 3 months . Has anyone noticed the weight gain in the mid section its unbelievable I went from weighing 125 to 140 , what can I do I have always eaten healthy sand like my kids say like a bird . On every Dr visit I'm up 2_3 pounds.

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I don't know much about non Hodgkin's lymphoma but the initial treatment includes prednisalone. And steroids are notorious for weight gain, so could well be effects of that. As for Rituximab, I've not heard that weight gain is a side effect.

But 15 lbs is not massive, so hopefully a bit of extra attention on eating a healthy diet and exercise should sort it out. Getting into remission from the lymphoma is the important thing, so we'll done!

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Hiya Janet. Well done reaching remission! Sorry to hear of your weight increase though, if it's not one thing it's another, I know the feeling. There are members here (NRAS) who are treated with rituximab but for rheumatoid arthritis though not the chemo combo R-chop. I don't know if you're aware but there is a Healthunlocked Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma Friends site, A quick search showed there are members who've recently posted & are on the same treatment. I'd try asking your question over there, I'm sure they'll welcome you & share their experiences with you, hope so anyway.

All the best.


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