Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome!

We, at Patient Empowerment Network, are excited to bring you the Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Friends community! In honor of this new community, we designed a page on our site to bring you general information on this disease and will be periodically updating it with new materials and resources. (Link below.)

Please feel free to introduce yourselves and get the conversation going. I look forward to connecting with you all.



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  • I only heard about this from Penny Brohn in last couple of days. I think very few people in UK know about it.

  • Hi Maria! We just began our partnership with HealthUnlocked, so we're hoping to change that soon and get the word out. Thank you for joining. :)

  • Wonderful site!. Glad I could join😊

  • Welcome Charlane! We're glad you could join us as well :)

  • Thank you! Happy to have this support during my cancer journey!

  • Great to join this forum today

  • Thank you for being here. I live in Montana where there are very few resources so I really appreciate your site. :-)

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