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Just paracetamol, no any other treatment...or go to specialist

My name is Bessy. My story with joints problem have strated a year ago. I I can not work beacuse I can not use my hands properly. My problem is not eleigible to meet rheumatologist and it is meaning to NHS my problem is just tale, not seroius and not important.

I would like to ask, what i have to do now? I have problem about naproxen two weeks ago. I can not use thet. 6 months ago I received already addictive painkillers without correct diagnosis and I must work with this tablets in full time but my fingers still are not working.

I am single mum with six children and two of them is depend of me.About stress I am crying, can not sleep, I am scary about future, I am thinking about death, only that help me,.

How can I get rheumatoligist appointment in Livingston? From JSA ... whan I have that... I do not afford for privat specialist.

Please answer me, what I need to do??

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Have you seen a second GP? Farm


You sound like your falling apart and going through hell, see your GP and ask him/her about seeing a Reumatologist to get some help from them, have you told your GP that you feel suicidal also please phone Samaritans and they will give you the emotional support that you need at the moment.

Samaritans is a free phone emotional support service tel: 116123 it is in confidence.



Hi Bessy

If your GP is not referring you to a rheumatologist this could mean that they do not think it is RA that is causing your joint pains. You need to ask them what condition they think you have, so that you can read about how it should be treated or contact the relevant charity for help and support.

If they have not been able to diagnose the issue then worth seeing another GP for their opinion and to see if any further tests could be done.

Kind regards



Yes please seek help regarding you're feeling helpless. There is lots of help available.

Not sure where you live but please please ask even a neighbour for help.

I will keep you in my prayers Bessy πŸ™

Luisa 🌸


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