After being on 10mg Amitriptyline for 5 years I was feeling that they were no longer doing very much. It was prescribed when I was told I have fibromyalgia (as well as already having RA and Sjogrens). But I'm fed up with feeling so groggy in the morning, even though Rheumy Nurse suggested I take them at 8p.m. to reduce the effect it didn't help. So I just missed when I need to get up early. But I also got a nausea feeling when I went to bed and felt didn't help me sleep anyway. I have stopped them for a week but not sure I'm doing the right thing, as there doesn't seem anything else for Fibro!

I wondered what others think, it is only 10mg I suppose?

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  • I had this drug for IBS. I hated being on it and stopped. I have refused to go near it for the last 10 years. I now give them the reason that as a professional driver the DVLA won't let me work.

  • Yes, I can understand that the DVLA would be unhappy. I've recently had CBT for IBS and it has worked very well, but never had Amitriptyline for it.

  • Apparently it is the goto drug for bed wetting as well, so we are okay over night. Lol

  • Have you stopped them more than a few days & feel ok? If so then all's well, if not then try tapering them over a few weeks. Even though 10 mg is a relatively low dose with you having been taking them 5 years you may find you have withdrawal effects. Your GP should be able to recommend a safe tapering plan if need be. As I understand it whatever the dose it's possible to have dependency problems after taking them long term.

  • Thanks nomoreheels, sounds sensible to me, I think I will take one tonight.

  • I've had ami in 5 mg, 10 mg & 25 mg tablets.... by one do you mean 1 x 5 mg & your normal 10 mg dose is normally 2 x 5 mg tablets? If so then you could try taking that for a fortnight & see how you feel, if you're ok then 1 x 5 mg alternate nights for a fortnight then stop, it's a recommended tapering dose from 10 mg. Hope that makes as much sense as it does in my head! If you struggle do ask your GP.

  • I have 10mg tablets, thank you so much for your help and it does make sense to me :)

  • I was on Amitriptyline for a while and really needed it to get a decent nights sleep. However once my flare started to subside and I no longer needed it for pain during the night I stopped it. Found I was still struggling to sleep (think I'd forgotten what it was like to sleep 'normally' after months of relentless pain through the night!!). So trier Herbal Nytol and it was fab!! Out like a light! Amitriptyline can be very constipating too so just watch out.

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