I am new here

I am new here

I am happy to have found the opportunity to share experiences with others in similar circumstances. More than ten years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, have been on Methotrexate for five years, weaned off and keep myself moving with change of diet and suitable exercise. I like my food to be my medicine include a lot of herbs, and what many people call weeds, in my daily meals.

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  • I have read a few posts, and Dr. Mercola claims too, that he can bring RA into remission with just diet. I haven't been able to do that, so have instead used the Minocycline as my weapon of choice. Nice work on your part though!

  • Dear CaeryIUSA,

    Medication is the utmost important thing that control the RA and slowly bring it down into remission if we do not want our joints to be damaged. I do not believe changing our diet without medication will keep our RA at bey. However, I do believe avoiding some diets will help us to maintain at the remission stage.

    It is too big a risk to avoid medication but just go for diet hoping to keep RA in remission!!

  • I understand what you are saying, but I'm doing wonderfully well on the Minocycline. I was really having issues on the Methotrexate because the RA was still progressing and the MTX was making me really sick. Then they wanted to put me on Plaquenil too, but I refused. In the 9 months since I started the Mino, all of my blood results have dropped into normal or almost normal ranges, my hands are no longer red, swollen, hot, OR painful. My toes have stopped turning to the inside of my feet and one is actually straightening (although the medical establishment would say that's impossible). I'm still struggling with fatigue, insomnia and pain in other areas, like my hips, but mostly I'm just doing great. I know it is not for everyone, but it seems like it works perfectly for me.

  • Welcome! Please tell us more about your dietary journey.

  • We are lucky that we can grow our own vegetables and some fruit. In my diet I include garlic, onion, nasturtium, plantain, portulaca, turmeric, black pepper and mainly dark green and yellow vegetable. I treat my body and 'massage' it with a dry brush in the morning. For my wash/bath I use only water below 30 degree Celsius.

  • Hi

    Can you tell me, do you find diet leaves you pain free? I currently display all the symptoms of RA but test results are confusing the specialists. I really don't want to go onto toxic drugs but have had 6 months of pain. I don't feel like my diet/exercise regime/herbal supplements etc are helping.

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