Kind of a diagnosis

Had my first appointment with rheumatologist and after a physical examination he believes I have fibromylagia. He's booking me in for a ultrasound on hands and also had bloods done. As it is I am glad it's not rheumatoid or psoriatic but knowing that I still have a chronic disease is a tad worrying and depressing. Otherwise I am happy iv got a better idea of what's been going and depending on blood and scan results the next course of action.

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  • How does the doctor explain your raised inflammatory markers then? I had understood that you rarely get raised ESR/CRP results with fibromyalgia - but don't know that much about it so no doubt others will say if that's not the case.

    But at least booking you for ultrasound suggests he is being thorough.

  • Compared to the levels of inflammation he has seen mine were just borderline. Just got to wait on test results for a official diagnosis

  • Best of luck with your medical tests. I agree that it is always better to have a sense of what you are battling!

  • Hi good luck at least your in the system now so that's 1 good thing , and he's doing something constructive so hang in there as it can be a rollelcoaster off a ride

  • Best of luck on your journey, at least you have a better knowledge of what you are looking at now. Hope they get you sorted and more comfortable soon.

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