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The time it takes for cuts to heal

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Hi all, does anyone else on here notice how long it takes for cuts and abrasions to heal due to the RA and the medication were on to keep the RA at bay. I know i do a physical job ( building trade) so am suseptable to getting the odd cut n scrape now and again but they dont half take a long time to heal and in some cases they go a bit poisoned and i end up on antibiotics just cos of a tiny cut. Had a tooth out tuesday gone and its been 5 days now n still not healed properly, just does my head in but my doc says its just the way it is sometimes with different ppl.

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I understand what you mean my skin gets very dry and cracks easily and takes a while to heal. Is there any chance you could wear gloves to protect your hands, also use anti bact gel or spray . You can get small containers that will easily fit in a pocket. Its frustrating when you get told you just have to put up things 🙄

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sylvi in reply to weathervane

I was advised to use e45 cream on my body due to steroids and i have used it ever since i had ra.xx

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I have the same problem,I've been in the building game for 35yrs or so and am always getting cuts and scrapes.I've also noticed that scars from previous injuries are a lot more noticeable

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I definitely agree ,my skin seems very thin I cut and bruise very easily.l think it started when I started MTX it's still the same even though I stopped MTX about 18 mths ago.

On the other hand it may just be the ageing proses.

Regards Mike

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If you are taking steroids this can slow down healing

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I think it is the RA that does this. My skin cuts easily/ bruises and is dry since the start of the RA symptoms - more than just the ageing process compared to my older sisters. I need to moisturise and take more care with all cuts. Annoying!

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Treat yourself to a daily dose of berries and esp kiwi fruit (the king of VitC). All that vitamin C & antioxidants et al will, over time help your body to heal itself faster. Remember RA drains your body of these nutrients at a rate of knots so you need more than the average person, and with all the drugs even more are useful.

As a bonus you will be fighting depression and other side effects of RA.

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I think it's one of the things that goes with RA , I don't think about it now ,if I cut my self I clean the wound doesn't mater if it's a scratch but some anti b cream on and hope for the best .xDawn

in reply to DC56

That's a good preventative strategy I am going to adopt!

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Hiya Gaza

I see you are on Humira and methotrexate. I was told that they are designed to lower our immune response and make our body more susceptible to picking up germs and harder to heal up after surgery or anything. I am on enbrel and my consultant told me that the two things he worries about most are pneumonia due to getting flu or a nasty infection and dental treatment!

He said it was because it takes so long for our bodies to heal when on these sort of drugs and antibiotics sometimes struggle/fail to get us better.

I have found that simple cuts and grazes or even insect bites take weeks to heal and not days.

A mosquito bite last summer hurt and producied nasty stuff for nearly three months before it sorted itself out. Antihistamine did not touch it. An accidental bump to my shin three weeks ago is still bruised and tender. Dental treatment recently for a broken tooth ...nothing major .....made me flare for four weeks but my rheumy nurse told me to contact them if I ever have the need for an extraction.

I have decided at my next appointment to discuss this problem with my consultant and ask if I could try an antibiotic ointment for the next nasty cut or bite I get as I feel it must be better to treat it locally than to have a full course of antibiotics. I may well be wrong but it is on my list to discuss.

It may be a chat with your rheumy nurse might help? or your GP?

Different doctors and hospitals say different things but I hope you didn't mind me adding to the comments.

Best wishes and well done for keeping at work but take care out there! BG

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Yes. It takes forever for a little scratch to heal. And often they itch and even if I don't scratch them during the daytime I scratch them at night without realizing it.

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Hi I had the same problem and found out (after having a biopsy on my hand)it was a clash of medication I am on tocilizumab and was also on meloxicam so hospital changed the meloxicam to another drug now if I cut myself it doesn't scar or scab over hope this helps all the best gayle

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With our low immune systems we will not heal or stop bleeding as quick as normal people. Also if i get bitten or stung the reaction to this can go on for a couple of weeks. Makes you wonder what's going on inside. Your body over reacts !!!

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