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Hi all ive had R.A for about15 yrs it is painful bur as everyone on here knows, it is what it is. Im on 75mg diclofenac and one folic acid pill daily, 12.5 mg methotrexate weekly, and i inject humira once every 2 weeks. I see my consultant once a year and im told everythings fine and working as it should be which is good news but sometimes the pain just gets to much. I am on painkillers virtually every day, btwn them and a hot bath in the evening i do get some relief. I go to work every day through sheer will as i know when i start work it will ease as im not thinking about it constantly and have something else to occupy me. I am a self employed builder the doc says i should change jobs but i guess im bloody minded plus i like what i do. The mornings are allways very sore so motivation is key. Never posted on here before i do read a lot of posts tho as i can relate. Take care tho folks n when it seems like it cant get any worse and the pains real bad take a walk down a cancer ward.

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  • Hi there I think the way your talking you are well controlled but if it gets any worse I would get in touch with the rheumatoid nurse as sometimes it's easier dealing with them in between , I admire you for still being able to work as a builder as that can't be easy as its heavy work , I had to give up work after 10 years as I couldn't cope full time working but I was medically pensioned off so I was fine and I find now that I've more time now to look after myself and go to gym and Aqua aerobics every other day and it's helped me immensely and I'm also able to do body step which I would never have been able t do 2 years ago, I'm on a new Bisomar it's called Benepali and its doing the job I also take 20mgs off mtx with it , hope your pain calms down

  • Well done to you, maybe your job might be too hard, but you have the will power to carry on. I worked for 20 years when I was first dx through several operations, but feel proud of myself. Have been retired for 11 years and less stress has helped. Humira was the best drug for me, been on it for 8 years, it's now giving me small skin cancers, as was Azathioprine so just changed to mtx 10mg and will think about Rituximab. I was on voltorol r twice a day but due to my age and bp have gone on naproxen. I stay as active as possible, some days good some days not. Good luck to you a keep positive.

  • Awesome attitude. You inspire me. I'm not very tough, but I could learn.

  • Thanks for the reply. The attitude just comes naturally it will for you to as its simply a case of stand up or fold. Dont think ive ever "inspired" anyone before so thats a shock but first times n all that. And as for the tough thing well thats just a load of old tosh, just keep putting one foot in front of the other and when it gets hard be hard with it. One thing i do find tho and it helps my joints i.e. wrists, elbows, knees, ankles etc. When ive taken my painkillers most early evenings and then a hot bath for an hour or so (i read in the bath to pass the time) when i go to bed i sometimes put tubigrip bandages on my joints for a short while, half an hour to an hour. Its only short term relief but any port in a storm eh. Good luck to you.

  • Thanks. I like the advice of being tough with the disease when it is tough with you. Words to live by....still inspired😊

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