Advice please

Why do things go wrong on bank holidays! Monday is mexx inj. Day. i,m coughing up nasties and feeling yucky,do I inject. Or wait till Tuesday for doctors advice

.i,m on week19 of 15mg,methertrexate. first time I,ve had a blip and it,s bankholiday.only diagnosed 12mths.still new to me what to do when there may or may not be a problem. Any help please!!!

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I'm on Mtx and I've been told by my doctor that there is a 24 hour window with the drug, so if I feel ill on Monday (this is when inject too), then I wait round til Tuesday am and see how I feel. If I feel better I take the mtx and if I don't I miss that week out. If you do this it will give you a chance to assess how you feel and contact your Gp/clinic for advice on Tuesday.

I've done this on several occasions and it's always been ok and it stops you spending your whole weekend worrying. :)

Best of luck., hope you feel better soon.


Hi Ruby

Sorry to hear you are ill. Can't really say what your rheumy would advice and they are all different. If you think you have a bacterial infection may be wise to leave it and contact your GP on Tuesday morning for an emergency appointment. I was always told to skip my injection if I was on antibiotics but I've skipped it a few times when I've had a very heavy cold.

Hope you feel better soon.


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Could not get on with MTX but on biologics and hydroxy and if I take them with a cold or more it takes my body a lot longer to get over it so have learnt to not take it. Therefore my thoughts would be to not take it this week and let your body recover. If things get worse see your GP. Farm


Do you have a temperature? It might be worth a call to NHS 111 if you're in England or Wales.


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