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Knee pain

Hi guys . Im ellen im 21 but im suffering from a knee pain since i was 10 yrs old . I have a normal body size and i don't have any injuries or accident . Before, when i was a child before my knee pains there will be a muscle crump first .but now its just start at a little pain and it gradually increases . No inflammation.Maybe the most painful was about 2 years ago ,i can't walk and it feels like i don't have the energy to stand it was really painful. I have already went to a doctor and performed ct scan and mri , but they see nothing ,. My knee pain came somtimes 0nce or twice a month . Can you please help me guys. Thanks a lot

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Oh dear, sorry for your pain. Go and get a 2nd, 3rd opinion.

When I was 10 I had severe knee pain. I couldn't walk or bend my knee. It took about a year before I was diagnosed with Osgood-Shlatter disease.

I obviously can't diagnose you, I sell beer for a living but google this disease and see if it sound familiar.

take care


PS. I just realized I might of scared you. If you have this disease all you have to do is rest your knee and stop running, or being to athletic. It will heal on it's own.


If you have had this pain since childhood, then it might be worth asking to see a rheumatologist in case it was some kind of juvenile arthritis, that is now an inflammatory arthritis. Also to get your xrays and imaging reviewed by a rheumatologist and musculoskeletal radiologist - sometimes things are hard to see on imaging and needs a more specialised look at it.

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