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After I started having some terrible aches throughout my whole body and all in the muscles, I think, I then started on the pains. My heels had been sore for over a year, my elbows and hips then were sore and my left shoulder was extremely tender. Now, after about 6 weeks, I am left with almost no heel pain, my elbow pain (which forced me to drink coffee using two hands) and now my fingers are creaky and my wrists ache a bit....but nothing like before. Is this even remotely normal? Seriously wondering if this sounds like rheumatoid arthritis. Maybe I have something else?

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  • Pain is back.

  • I started with terrible aches in my arms and hands . I had polymyalgia and that affected my hips and shoulders but when I told my Dr about the terrible aches in my hands and arms she told me it wasn't pmr. I was told I was Serro negative by a rheumatologist and put on Hydroxychloroquinine. That didn't work so was put on Methotrexate which also didn't work. The pains would go then reappear somewhere else. I have had x rays done and they said Inflammatory arthritis, now RA although the blood tests are negative, I am taking steroids still and am now on Etanercept. I still am wondering if they are right as I don't have red inflamed joints and they were never really swollen. I get weak wrists at times. My knees have fluid on them and sometimes they ache and burn but I don't really know if that is RA as some say it is but a junior Dr told me it isn't.Oh and at times I can't lift my arm to reach into the fridge or cupboard . The biologic nurse who came out said she had never heard of that with RA, so am confused about that.

  • That is confusing. I will let you know what my RA comes up with. I have my first appt in October. Still have some residual pain....right elbow is still letting me know it's not happy. Stiff feet in the mornings. Hopefully we both get a diagnosis that fits the bill!

  • Do you have polymyalgia? What have you been diagnosed with if not?

  • I see my RA in October to get some answers. No diagnosis yet. Just this knowing feeling that something is wrong. StI'll just a little.pain. elbow still wonky. Hopefully I will have answers.in October.

  • I hope you get your answers soon. As I have had a few diagnoses and still don't feel they have got it right keep pestering them if you are not happy. I think you have to really fight for everything it seems.

  • Problem is the waiting. I do even have someone to pester yet. It all takes so long...but thanks for the advice. Persistence is key. I will be the squeaky wheel.

    I'm sorry you haven't quite gotten a straight answer about your own condition yet. Frustrating to say the least.

  • I know, I was waiting from february to August to start taking Etanercept, things just take so long. Once you have been to see someone though and if they give you a phone number to the rheumatology dept nurses you can call them and they can if they think necessary bring your appointment forward sometimes.

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