Good morning folks, well today I completed my first body step class in 2 years since I contracted RA ,OA and I feel great now , I've been going to aqua aerobics 2 a week for months now and with this new treatment Benepali I am feeling much better in mind and body so the way I see it is the only way is up , I know there will be obstacles on the way but I'm totally focused and in a good place which I haven't been since I got this disease

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  • Hello. Great to hear you are in such a good place. Exercise really is a key component isn't it? I have been decorating the last couple of days (painting in awkward positions) and have let my usual nutrition and exercise routine slip and bingo ........ lying on the setee last night in more stifffness and pain in every joint than have felt for ages. Felt sorry for myself and gave my family a hard time limping about and being martyrish. When I don't take responsibility for my condition, even for a day, it really shows! Thanks for your post, really woke me up to this.


  • What exercise do u suggest pls? Also do any foods trigger it? Thanks

  • That's awesome! I used to teach Bodystep before I started showing symptoms and had to give up shortly before I was diagnosed. I love that I can now participate in classes sometimes (with options!) now that I have the inflammation and pain under control :) wishing you many more happy classes too!

  • Same with you hope you keep pain free , and the funny thing was when the instructor came up and gave me and the Mrs a high 5 and we thought that was the class finished but she smiled and said were only half way through , I nearly started greeting I was that tired xxx

  • yes exercise is so important. I know a lot of people used to tell me to do low impact exercise and that worked to start with but I have really wanted to push myself and bulk up.

    have not heard of this new treatment that you are on but wish you all the best with everything.

  • Hi Pop, before RA I was running 5 times a week, can't do that now due to RA in my feet. I've got myself an air rowing machine and started doing low impact hit 5 times a week and I also feel absolutely loads better and can't rate it enough!!! Long may it continue👍👍👍

  • Well had to bin the body step 2 much pressure on joints so now I go swimming and do the Aqua aerobics 2 a week, I'm going to try Pilates once my torn ligaments have healed

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