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Hi All,

Well I’m in the middle of a huge flare particularly in my neck and shoulders but just generally my whole body doesn’t want to work.

I am conscious that I am getting fatter, partly due to meds and part because I sit on my back side all day at work and I’m so tired that I don’t move when I get home.

I can’t swim as it flares my should and neck up further so what can I do to lose some weight. It’s really getting me down.. I’ve probably put on 4 stone in the last 6 years and I eat healthy food most of the time. I’ve been to slimming world and Weightwatchers lose initially then it stops after about half a stone. I’m now on Abatercept and steroid injections every 3 months. Thanks for listening xxx Sarah

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Sarah this post could have been written by me. I've gained a similar amount over the past 3yrs. I've signed up again with the free app Myfitnesspal.com and count all my calories now. I've also been doing aqua aerobics at my local gym. So far I've lost 1st 1lb but the best thing is I feel in control again. I sign up in advance for 3 classes a week and no matter how I feel I go to them. The water helps sooth my joints and I feel so much stronger already. I'm going to start using the exercise equipment next as I really believe the weaker I got the harder everything became and the more I hurt. I hope you feel better soon. It's always a fight but we can't give in x

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Thanks for your reply. Well done for the weight loss it’s such a slow process isn’t it. I went to aqua aerobics a couple of times and enjoyed it but the instructor was like a Sargent Major and it was like boot camp 😂 I really enjoy being in the water so thanks for the idea I might try and find a low impact one. I’ve been paying for Weightwatchers since January and have the app but I might go back to MyFitnessPal as it’s free and same principal. We mustn’t give in you’re right. Thanks Sarah x

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Don’t know how good your rheumatology dept is but mine do aqua course specifically for R.A. sufferers. I haven’t been as able to swim locally but looked good. X

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Thanks Kerena I will definitely ask them. I used the hydrotherapy pool at the hospital a couple of times but they closed it due to funding. My Rhumatology department are not very forthcoming with support etc. I’ve been waiting for them to call back since yesterday morning to see if I can have a steroid injection in my shoulder! Sarah x

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Good reply fron kerena you can also ask rumatologist for hydrotherapy is a waiting list is usually for 6 to 7 weeks is good

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Mine are good with courses on RA but similar to yours otherwise, good luck with finding something x

paulywoo in reply to sjhewitt42

The instructor can make or break an aqua class for me too. Last week I went to a different class and that was like boot camp lol. I ended up sore from pushing too hard. Just do what you can manage and use pain relief before class if you can. Hope your shoulders feel better soon. X

I feel your pain (sadly). I've started working with a PT and he does nutrition plans for me and exercises with resistance bands to strengthen muscles etc...bit like Pilates. Ive just come off steroids after over two years and taking mtx and Sulfasazine . What did it for me was when he asked how I would feel in three months if nothing changed and it brought it home to me that I didn't want to continue like this and worse.

There are lots I can't do, particularly floor ones as I'd need a paramedic to get me up! But lots I can do. I also monitor what I eat on My Fitness Pal which helps with amount of iron/potassium intake etc... And oddly, I quite enjoy seeing the calories I'm consuming. I've also bought an exercise bike and add on a minute each time. If my knee is flaring it doesn't happen, but I do what I can when I can.

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Hi thanks for your reply. I would really like a PT but I work and have 3 boys so not sure where I would fit it in. I think I need to find some time for myself instead of just collapsing in a heap every night. I’m going to look at MyFitnessPal again and try and sort it out for my own mental well-being. Have a nice day xx Sarah

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My guy is all online, so can fit it in when I want to. There are several PT that do it online now without having to get to a gym and be publicly humiliated (that's my perception anyway!)

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