Focusing on the positive every day and i think it helping. It's so easy to feel negative. I'm struggling with my hands at the moment with pain and weakness (it helps me forget the pain elsewhere I guess) I'm always dropping things but I carry on as notmal except for the days when I have a nap, everyone loves a little sleep in the afternoon. Right! Better take my pills and be on my way to work. Hope everyone has a lovely day! Stay Positive xx

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That's the only way to cope you hit on the nose or lay down and die have a good day


Morning Kirsy,

I agree with you that positive thinking makes a big difference, the mind is a very powerful tool 😊 it's not always easy to think happy thoughts when you have pain, but if you can it helps you get through everyday.when you have RA you find a method of pain control that suits you and your willing to try anything if it helps 😊 I hope you have a good day today xx 💖

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Good on you Kirsty... we all need a little reminder that a positive mindset helps to a degree... and if it isn't helping take a little nap to help things shift😎 or for me it's sit in the shaded part of the garden with my bare feet resting on the cool grass does the trick of easing things up.

Hope you have a good day at work


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maybe this is easy for me to say because I am not in physical pain with ra but continue finding a way to be positive and feel great about your life. Do some exercise, see friends. Do whatever it takes but just try and remember as easy as it is for me to say were in control of own lives. RA doesn't need to control us or make us sad or anything like that. Were all different but for me RA gave me the opportunity to turn my life around and start making myself into a healthier human being and not be this stress head of a person and all that crap. Wish you all the best with things.


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