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Hi everybody I am new to this community, I started Methotrexate on Tuesday 2nd August 2016 I take 6 x 2.4mg once a week on the same day and probably like you all who have this condition having my blood taken every week to keep a close monitor on it, I was very aware of the frightening side effects of the drug but with close monitoring I hope this will be of some help towards helping me with the terrible pain I get.

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  • HI,

    Methotrexate seems to suit some people really well. My Aunt was fine on it, I had 1 dose and my liver went haywire, so that was my one and only experience. The blood test showed it up straight away. Things were back to normal quickly and I was put on something else until after a year I got Enbrel, which was a miracle for me and remained so for 14 years. Then another drug started to have an adverse effect and Enbrel seemed to losing it's power. It's been a difficult 6 months but things are on the up again with Rituximab.

    Thinking of you and hoping your pain is eased soon and for good


  • Aww thank you Michelle for your reply my wife and myself were worried and stil quite anxious about the MTX but after reading your reply it gives me a bit better thought that the blood test will show up problems straight away and that there are other drugs available


  • Welcome Lincolnimp. Sorry to hear you've joined the creaky club! I'm one of the many for whose found MTX has been a very good med. I've been on it 7 years at various doses from but started like yourself on 15mg, presently injecting 17.5mg & folic acid 6 days. I only have drug monitoring bloods each month now but it's quite normal to have them more frequently when just starting. It certainly helps with the pain once it brings down the inflammation but don't be afraid to ask for extra pain relief or an NSAID if you feel you need it whilst you're waiting for it to work.

    I hope you enjoy being here with us. Any questions just ask & we'll help where we can, we've lots to share. :)

  • Aww thats lovely thank you so much I have found being on here fantastic and would like to thank you all for your support and yeh! joined the creaky club at 59 years old ha! ha! I am going to ask for some more pain relief and thank you for your advice on that one.

    Paul :)

  • Hi Linconnimp. Just to say welcome to the site. Sorry you need to be here,but glad you joined you will find it supportive and informative, at times sad and often funny.

    Hope the methotrexate works well for you as it does for so many people.

    Best Wishes


  • Thank you so much and it is a great big thank you to my wife for suggesting I join the site I dont feel like I am dealing with it on my own now so a big thank you to you all on this site as well and look forward to being part of this community


  • I hope your wife finds support on this site too. Sometimes the partners go through hell when we are having a really bad day.

  • Yes I do think she does and finds support in everybody's replies and help so a great big thank you to you all

  • Paul your wife sounds like a smart loving woman. She obviously loves you alot to know what's the best way to help you.

    This RA is scary to go it alone. I too am grateful for this site :)


  • that is lovely of you to say and like you I am loving the site have you got a hubby or partner to help you along sue?

  • Yes. We are celebrating 29 years together on the 13th of August. James is my my back bone and I am his. I would be lost without him.

  • Hello Lincolnimp2457

    Welcome to the site. I too am new to MTX as I just started my first dose on Jan 29 2016. Here's hoping that it can control this disease.

    Take care


  • Aww thank you Sue I hope it helps you too and look forward to hearing more from you on this site and see how you get on with it as well, good luck.


  • Hi and welcome I'm on 20mgs of methetrexate but hopefully that will be tapered down now as I've started Benepali the new biosomar that's out, mtx doesn't agree with everyone but I've been fine on it hope your ok on it xxx

  • wow so you have started on quite a high dose I look forward to hearing more from youirself as to how the new drug works out for you.

    Paul xx

  • How are you getting on with benepali.

  • Hi I dont use benepali I am on folic acid with my MX just taken my 2nd dose so waiting to see if I have any reaction to it

  • Hi Lincolnimp, welcome to the site. I haven't been here long either but I have been on mtx for about four years now and it has definitely helped my problems. After a while as it got into my system I have even been able to decrease my dose without going downhill and this is where the monitoring is useful... to show how your body is coping. The blood tests become less frequent once your results show a steady pattern. I only go every two months now.

    Good luck, hope your meds work for you. This is a really good place to share ideas and problems. I was very glad I found it as I felt quite alone with my RA and now I'm not!

    PS as an aside my husband and I just visited Lincoln (re your name) - never been before, and what a lovely town it is! We really enjoyed our little break there.

  • Thank you so much for your lovely reply and yes Lincoln is a lovely city, it was my wife who found this site and suggested I should join and I am glad I did now so once again thank you for your reply I do feel reassured after reading it.


  • Hi. Welcome. I have been on mxt for 14 years with great results. Currently in remission. I wish you well and hope you have the same results as I have. Good luck.

  • Thank you Sheila and I hope the remission becomes a complete cure x

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