Down day

Definitely having a down day. My mtx was stopped 8 wks ago as my Rheumy said as I was getting side effects and my levels were good we should try stopping meds and seeing if the lid had been put on for mow. In the mean time I started a new job in and A&E. So the first 6wks no meds were great. No problems. Since then I get flares daily in different areas. Can be my wrists then next day my shoulder then next day my jaw. None of which last more than a few days but are extremely painful. Because of these random flares I've had to have three days off my new job on different occasions. So I worked a night shift last night. All was well until about midnight then bam. My knee flares. I worked through and thankfully had an IM steroid set up for when I finished work. I'm meant to be working tonight but can't stand let alone work in a busy department on my feet for 12 hour. I've been back on the mtx for 3 wks now so hoping for a settling of my Symptons soon. Kind of worried about my job though. Anyway while phoning to say I wouldn't be in yet again I just melted down into a complete mess. Pain, tiredness and generally feeling a failure has taken over.

Sorry for the long post but kind of needed to write.

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  • Hopefully the meds kick in soon, i don't envy you having a heavy job and a great service you angels provide for the public, I've been off since February after struggling on and off for the past year and finally got medically retired this week, but starting a Biisomar Benelpali same as (embrol) this week after failing 3 dmards so if I get back too some normality I will try to get something part-time , hope you feel better soon

  • It's so hard isn't it battling to have a kind of normal life and managing pain and horrible meds.

    It's a job I've wanted to do for many years as for a Health Care Assistant in A&E I can get involved in so much. It is very hard work though. Normal shift I can knock up 9 miles easy. Currently looking at other options in the hospital but feel gutted that I'm finally getting to do something I've wanted to do and it will be taken away.

    It's a long road for sure and I've only just started and still coming to terms with it all.

    Hope you get all your meds sorted and things settle for you.

  • Hello Amhoarten . What a rough time you're having. I'm sorry it's so tough right now. Melting down into a complete mess was probably quite needed to get this stress out of your system. I really hope the meds help you soon and you can get some much needed rest. Sending you a hug.

    Cas xx 🌺

  • Thank you Caspiana xx

  • I can sympathize as I am in much the same situation. Had to stop MTX back in March (last dose was Feb 29) and flares started in much the same way in early/mid-April. I'm still waiting for a normal lab test to be able to start something else. Good luck to you and gentle hugs. Karen

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