Days 14 - 21 LH Knuckle Replacement

Day 14

On Day 12 I had a melt down, it wasn't pretty. The frustration and humility of being fed, having my teeth cleaned, nose blown, etc finally made me explode! 30 years of not doing stuff for myself erupted in a hot stream of rantings, mumblings, cursing, tears and yes, snot! I was one crazy woman and it left me shell shocked, weak, a wreck and no further forward.

Today I am calm and feeling like myself, I could still cry whilst being fed etc but the mask is back in place and I'm pretending I feel cheerful again. Hey-ho such is my life

Day 20

I attended my physio appointment on Thursday (Day 17) and the movement I have in my new knuckles is beyond the hospital's expectations, which is down to following their exercise instructions almost to the letter! I am now allowed to scoop up small morsels of food ....they did say bite-size but, for me, that would be large portions! This is only for my evening meal but it is good progress nevertheless. I don't have to see the physiotherapist for 3 weeks now and then my splint will be relegated to the night time only. YAY!

Day 21

I fed myself breakfast with my new hand ...a major accomplishment!

I am washing dishes mainly one-handed just using my splinted hand as a prop. I managed to clean the bathroom one handed and the toilets! Going to try to hang out the laundry shortly ....I feel that could be challenging whilst wearing my splint!

Love, Legs x

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That's wonderful I have to say this made me cry I can't make a fist anymore and I can feel my other joints going the same way finding I can do less each day I asked my hospital doctor what can be done and they say they can only fuse my joints but added they are doing that them selves now I have only had ra 3years so your situation as given me hope thank you for sharing,and I wish you a speedy recovery


Ah June, sorry if I made you cry. My RA is very aggressive and struck overnight when I had a newborn and 2 year old relying on me. I found my way as you will with yours. Always remember you're a person and not a disease and never let it win! I cried for about 3 years in the early days, we have to because having RA is so frustrating, but you'll get through it, I promise! Love, Legs x


Hi Legs,

Wow what amazing progress please take time form your new found freedom to do things for yourself again and sit back and look at what you've achieved in such a short time 😎

And well done for whom ever has been helping you cos they have clearly given you the support and space needed to stick to the prescribed regime to get where you are today... Alcohol free champagne on ice for all involved me thinks! 🍾 (Well alright those not on meds can have the alcohol version if they must! 🍸)

All the best


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Thank you Ali :) Thanks for the cyber-champers! Mr Legs is my carer, he is a very special person as we were together before RA and celebrate 38 years of marriage next month. Our 2 sons help too. So 3 cheers for carers everywhere especially Mr Legs and sons-Legs and now their wives! HIP, HIP, HOORAY X 3 :) Love, Legs x


Good on you😃


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