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Chest infections with methotrexate

Morning my dad has had RA for a few years he is 78 and has picked up a few chest infections recently. My children pick up colds at nursery and then from time to time he picks them up even if we try and keep them away and it always goes straight to a cough. Any tips or recommendations? Any natural remedies? Does everyone stop methotrexate straight away or wait and see how it develops?

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Hi Georgie,

Because of dad's age I would get medical advice each time he starts to get 'chesty' or a cough.

When I get a cold I rub Vicks vapour rub into the soles of my feet at night and it seems to help.

All the best



I am on Mtrex and have just come back from my dr with a script for amoxicillin for my chest inlwifection - Drs will be extra careful with chest infections and RA - (at least mine are) take care x


Hello Georgie,

Methotrexate reduces the body's immune system and makes one prone to infections. I have taken it for over 30 years and have frequent urinary tract infections and chest infections. Had a really bad chest infection last month after flying home from Jersey and required two courses of antibiotics. Find aeroplanes to be a real problem. Many years ago I was hospitalised with pneumonia after a long haul flight from South Africa. However, we can't wrap ourselves in cotton wool and avoid contact with people. Just make sure your Dad sees a doctor promptly if he has symptoms of an infection. I eat a good diet and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Don't think we can do more.

Best wishes Pam

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Mate did you get asthma ?I have been getting treated for asthma past 3 years .On methatrexate 12 years.Wondering if I stop will cheat get better 😣thought I was long with 12 years it is a wonder drug to me but I feel now I am constantly coughing up flem .

Rhumatiod for 30 years .Scot


Hi Georgie11,

I've had R/A for 27 years now and have been on Methotrexate off and on ever since diagnosed back in 89. I would like to say, always listen to your fathers Rheumatoligist first, as he knows your father's health situation the best. With R/A and given his age, do your best to avoid all people that have colds etc. It may be a cold for someone else which most likely as in your dads case, means pneumonia or bronchitis for him. Every time someone walks past me with a cold, it seems I always get pneumonia or bronchitis right away. At the very onset of getting sick, I always skip my next dose of Methotrexate, as Methotrexate does reduce a persons immune system, therefore, you get chest infections easier, more often and then it's harder to get rid of as well (I learned that from my Rheumatoligist). Find out what antibiotics works best for him, so you can tell any doctor what to prescribe for him, just in case you can't get in to see his doctor.

And please have him get into the habit of washing his hands. I keep hand sanitizer in my car, so after pumping gas and or going to Wallyworld, I can clean my hands and hopefully not spread more germs around and or get sick myself. I'm not a germaphobe or anything of the like, but I think it does help.

Well, I hope this helps,



PS. I completely agree with Scorer,

Pam is 100% right


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