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Elbow pain and wrist pain


Does anyone have any tips on how to help elbow pain , I cant find a way to sit or lie where its comfortable ,

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My right elbow has been agony. Last week I went for the first time to see a chiropractor, not just about my elbow! But since that first visit it is much improved.

bflat in reply to andyswarbs

is a

bflat in reply to andyswarbs

thank you , is a chiropracter the same as a phsio

andyswarbs in reply to bflat

My take on this...

A chiropractor concentrates on your spine, on the presumption that if your brain is not communicating effectively through your spine then don't be surprised if the rest of your body has problems.

A physiotherapist manipulates your body in general to help solve problems wherever they are.

Both will suggest exercises/posture ideas to help you improve the benefits of what happens in the session.

Matilda7 in reply to andyswarbs

I also see a chiropractor regularly

I find movalat cream helps when my elbow flares also icing it helps too

bflat in reply to Chrissycl

ah thank you , ill give it a go , is it avaliable over the counter

Chrissycl in reply to bflat

Both over the counter and by prescription also available as in gel.


I have to wear elbow braces when I go to bed. If I don't then I can not sleep because of the pain. Just make sure they are not to tight as you don't want to cut of circulation.

I use a wrist strap that has a support going into the palm of my hand so my hand will not fall straight as this hurts.also l put cushions under my shoulder so again my arm is not flat you could do this in the daytime as you are the only one who knows your pain level I know this sounds a lot of fuss but during the day and night this was the only way l could get some sleep good luck to you

Splints, splints, supports and more splints!

I too struggle with pain in wrists, elbows, knees, ankles and neck too - trying to watch my posture for neck but for the rest? Wrist splints and elastic supports ankles, knees and anywhere else that hurts! M x

Had RA for 20 years and I;m on methotrexate.

I rub volterol on elbow wrist and knees and any other joint that hurts. Helps me get back to sleep at night. Have tried everything else and it's the only thing that works for me. Plus paracetamol if really bad.

Perhaps try some acupuncture?

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