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Folic acid reflux

hi all, when I was first diagnosed I was put on Methatrexate tabs and folic acid once weekly. I was getting nauseous so put on injections and folic acid increased. That caused me so much reflux I was feeling rubbish. As my numbers improved my rheumy stopped all meds to see what happened. My RA Symptons have returned so I called clinic and they said start back on folic acid then injections. So I have taken folic acid the last two days and my first injection is today but I already have reflux so it's def the folic acid messing me up. I never ever normally get reflux. Are there any alternatives to the folic acid to reduce the side affects of the Methatrexate? Seems weird the drug that's meant to stop side affects is actually the one causing side affects. Is this common?

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Ask for a GERD drug to include. I take omeprazole for asthma and my Rheummy was pleased that I did. Although I still feel sick on Mondays and Tuesdays following my MTX on Saturday night.



As jacquithomas has already said a GERD drug will help.I too take omeprazole and it works very well.If doc doesn't prescribe omeprazole there will be alternatives.

It doesn't take away the nausea and sickness you also get with the methotrexate but it will at least curb the acid reflux.

Take care.




Folic acid is quite specific as it's that that the MTX knocks out, so no alternative. As well as asking about a stomach protector (GERD) drug you could also ask you rheumy about trying 1mg folic acid tabs as maybe 1mg a day would be less of a problem that's 5mg in one go.

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