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Folic acid and hot flushes?

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I've recently started taking methotrexate and folic acid on the following day. I'm in surgical early menopause. At the menopause clinic I mentioned to the specialist that hot flushes had started up again theee weeks after I started methotrexate, and she said that it could well be the folic acid that is causing those symptoms, I will discuss with rheumy when I see them in November, but wondered if anyone else had noticed a correlation, and what they had been advised to do. (So far no adverse side effects from methotrexate - I'm now 8 weeks in on 15mg)

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That seems slightly bizarre - how would folic acid cause hot sweats?

Although well past the menopause finally, thank goodness, I am getting hot flushes too. On 25 mg MTX and 5MG x 6 days a week folic acid. I was going to ask the rheumy team why at my next appointment. I simply put it down to the whole mixed bag of delights that RA brings. Why folic acid would have that effect beats me. Odd. Hugs


I have been on Methotrexate and Folic Acid for about two years and during this period have suffered with continuous hot flushes throughout the day and night. My Rheumy says this is not due to medication but I have heard otherwise from different people. Not sure which medication is causing this.

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Interestingly, as said above, the menopause expert thinks the folic acid is the culprit

As I am 76 years young I definitely am not suffering flushes from menopause. Must be one of the medications. Will do some research on folic acid.

I'm also having the same problem. I also had surgery for hysterectomy and since I started the meds. I've been have hot flashes day and night. It also started back after I got on the folic acid and methotexate.

Odd, I'm on my 6th year of surgical menopause. Was started on folic acid on the 7th of this month (May) and I am having sweats like I've run a marathon. Also noticing when I run I am sweating within a few minutes, not normal for me. I'm miserable. Just nauseous and sweaty. Not a girly feeling.

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Some good news is that this has now all calmed down for me... so there’s hope!

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