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Okay so i haven't got to see my rheumatologist yet and blood work is being sent to him i suppose but i have not been told anything about my results and i have this bone spur on my left hand right side of my middle knuckle and its pointing out more and more each day my tendons also slide off bad. But can bone spurs get real bad if it keeps pushing out more? It worries me a lot plus my symptoms are not resting

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  • I don't know about bone spurs but my hands have enlarged knuckles now and get red and swollen I hope you get it sorted soon you will most likely get an x-ray done at hospital

  • Hi Lilynette,

    I did see a X-ray with born spur out with a lot of spikes on it when I was in the hospital side by side with another RA patient. The doctor questioned her why the woman took such a long time to see her? I believe it must be very painful and I was shock to see that really.

    You need to ensure you see the rheumatologist as soon as possible to avoid further damage on your joint. I am very sorry to know your condition. Bone damage is permanent and irreversible. Please check with your rheumatologist to request for an immediate appointment. I walked in to the hospital once when my ankle was very painful from good to bad again and I was attended. However, I am not sure if over there you can do that.

  • Here where i am they are very slow and they seem to not care honestly. Im 18 so my hand surgeon didn't want to operate and he claimed before i left that he doesn't think its RA. I think he just wants to be sure but it is getting worse and i feel like im crying and screaming in a dark hole and no one can hear me. Im so scared my hands are so important to me bc i play music and today my hands feel even worse i might just have to stop my activities.

  • Dear Lilynette,

    The physician cannot simply diagnosed you unless they have gone through all your test results to confirm that. RA usually come in pairs, both sides of the joints have similar problem. If you only have it on one joint, no problem in other joints, most likely you do not have RA. May be you just hurt your figure by accident? That may be a good news to you and it may be easier to fix.

    Just be a little bit patient and wait for the appointment or just call the physician for an earlier appointment and tell him or her your concern.

  • Thanks for the reply, Yes it is in both hands only my left seems to progress faster than my right with the tendon slide and bone spur but the weakness, cracking, and locking is the same on both. Not to mention the come and go of numbness in pinkies to funny bone. I know i must wait and have patience and to not assume the worse but the symptoms are the only thing i can go by, and no i have had no injury to my hands at all.

  • Oh dear Lilynette! I am very very sorry to hear that, it must be very very painful for you to have that. Try to call your physician and tell him or her your situation if you have yet to. There is always a chance if you try hard enough.

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