Bad couple of weeks

I have had a really good 6 months or so, then a couple of weeks ago I was bitten by something whilst away in our caravan, since then I am having flare up after flare up, having to ring in sick to work as I couldnt move my hand. I feel so exhausted all the time, I hurt in places that I havent had any trouble with before like my neck, felt like I had whiplash. I am on MTX (6 tablets once a week) but on so much other medication for heart problems, diabetes, blood pressure etc that I cant take naproxen (which seems to help me). Fedup doesnt cover it :(

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  • I'm sorry you've been so ill I wish these illnesses, I wish it wasn't so hard for us to get thru all the new problems that creep up on us. I am supposed to be on six mtx a day hmbut had a reaction a month ago and now have these little red tiny bumps coming up a lot. Had to stop mtx and Humira cause of it. Have you contacted your doctor. Take care, hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi

    Same thing happened to me 3 yrs ago.I was on hols in Cyprus and my arm and hand swelled up,and was so sore,I cannot even begin to describe the pain.

    There was nothing obvious such as rashes or redness etc.I went to.a Dr in Cyprus who gave me a sling and told me to visit my own GP when I got home( a waste of 75 euros that was).He suggested I may have been bitten by an insect but no obvious signs of a bite.

    When I got back I saw my own dr but by then it had more or less cleared up,on its own so the worst had passed.

    Never got to the bottom of what had actually caused this but at the time it as really bad.I too as on a mix of tabs for various conditions.blood pressure,diabetes.kidney failure etc but it seemed to disappear as soon as it arrived.

    If you are concerned make an app with your GP ASAP and hopefully you can get sorted.



  • I've seen gp today and she suggested that I ring rhummy nurse which I did , I am seeing consultant in the morning so hope they can sort me out as I'm away next week. My consultant is on hols so am seeing another one, thanks for listening to me, feels better knowing that there are people who actually know what it's like xx

  • Not a problem- anytime.I know what it's like when you have to ring in to work sick.They all seem to think "what now" ? Nobody has a clue do they?

    Hope your appt goes well tomorrow and that they get it sorted for you.

    Sometimes all these strange things that appear are quite worrying because there seems to be no obvious cause.

    Let me know how you get on.

    Best wishes.



  • I have heard this can happen and my own theory is that the bite triggers your immune system to fight a new intruder or fight harder and it overwhelms your immune supressants or tries to and so begins a tug of war between them which then seems to lead to a full on flare up or the effects of the bite pass. Please note THIS IS ONLY ME TRYING TO MAKE SENSE OF WHAT I OBSERVE. Its not medical advice and im not a doctor im an RA victim like you, but now i carry antihistamine because i believe it may help me.

    Good luck.

  • Get down to a decent doctor ASAP you could well be suffering from Lyme's disease. I too have many of the symptoms, though it has taken nearer to thirty years of going to the doctors to begin treatment for Lyme's. I am now on 100mg of Doxycycline once a day, which frankly helps a lot but according to lymeseurope and other sites only just keeps it at bay. I hope you have more success than myself!

  • I too was thinking Lyme but the bite is usually but not always a typical bulls eye look. You need it checked but as Leonwp says it could be your immune system has overwhelmed you. Good look and hoping you get to the bottom of it x

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