Fibromyalgia vs. menopause

Fibromyalgia vs. menopause

Hi there! I'm new to this little community. My name is Jamie. I have two biological children and four step children. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia five years ago.

For about a year now, I have suffered (not exaggerating with the "suffered" part), with night sweats and cold feet and cramps in my legs and feet. I've been taking cymbalta for my condition for five years. Everyone is saying that I'm going through menopause. In only 39.... I have heard that this could be my fibromyalgia causing these fits though..... Thoughts?

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  • Hiya Jamie. Whilst we have members who have secondary fibromyalgia I'm not one of them, I "just" have RD (Rheumatoid Disease or Rheumatoid Arthris) & OA (Osteoarthritis). As nobody here with FM has been around today to reply to your post maybe asking your question on the Healthunlocked Fibromyalgia Action UK site would generate replies for now. I'm sure if any of our members with FM pop on the site later they'll reply but I'm sure they'll welcome you over there too.

    I hope you get sorted, nights sweats are no fun & cramping can be due to any number of things but equally not much fun.

  • Hi Jamie..I don't no answer but you get fed up of people that say oh it could be menopause a suffering is no fun.Had to smile at your family count as mine was exactly the last menstrual was at 37 and am now 58 and still have night sweats n day and I do have fibromyalgia,RA&APS.can't your doctor explore this for you and give you extra meds

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