Nightmare journey

Hello all, got 9am train to London,for rheumy appointment,took2/half hours instead of 40 mins,came out, no trains in or out of London Bridge,so jubilee line to Canary Wharfe,found DLR, by wandering around the huge plaza,onto Lewisham, no trains, got taxi to Kidbrooke station, where son drove up and collected me,got home went to bed for 3 hours,totally shattered.Good job I'm used to doing this on my own,but never want to repeat this experience,storms would happen on this day,sods law! x

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  • Blimey - what an awful day..

    You need a medal!!!



  • What a horrible journey, enough to wear out the fittest person so hardly surprising you took yourself off to bed. Such different weather, only a 4 hour car journey away & we had glorious sunshine all day! Got 2 loads of washing dried & pottered about dead heading then had a sit in the garden.

  • Glad you got Home safely x

  • Hello Rose. Just reading your post was enough to make me want to lie down. How very awful. I hope you've rewarded yourself with something nice. Do put your feet up and rest now. xx

    Cas 🌼

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