Well been busy and stressed. Body playing up probably due to the stress.

What stress was this? Daughters A level results! The pressure they put them through do they can pay universities 40 k I have no idea why!!!

So she passed and got into her first choice of Newcastle University. Hurrah you say , is that the stress over, no , now we are waiting accomodation offer which hasn't arrived!

But tomorrow she's off to Europe inter railing for a month , and now I'm worrying about her safety, losing things, missing trains, getting accomodation , leaving home !!

My Poor body will have to cope longer!

When does it stop!!!! Lol :)

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  • Mine are 31 and 28 and the worry is still there in fact i would say you worry about them more especially the girls darling. My daughter is the eldest and all i wish for her is to settle down with someone who would love her like her dad loves me,but it ain't happening..Still i live in hope..

    Congratulations on your daughter gaining her a level results and getting into the uni of her

  • Oh poor you Allanah! I totally get the "stress affects the disease" at the moment. Find yourself a meditation app and make sure you sit silently for at least 10 mins a day to get your heart rate and bp down a bit. Breath deeply. Calm yourself and remember your daughter is bright and sensible and has friends with her to keep her safe.

    Parenthood is hard but you've got this far. Look after yourself

    Love Kiki x x

  • She has a resourceful & courageous mother as a role model, so she'll be just fine! And think how much less cleaning, washing and cooking they'll be!

  • Morning Allanah,

    I can sympathise with you. This week is GCSE results day and my son is waiting his results. He is so stressed out it is rubbing off on all of us. My body is suffering the same as yours. I hurt all over and I think I have a throat infection .

    I worry about my boy. He is at the age when he knows it all . That is hard work in itself.

    Oh well, roll on Thursday.

    Jane xxxx

  • Good luck Jane , it's very hard and as and A levels it gets worse!!!

    Let us know how he does?

  • Been there done that a few weeks ago with Scottish Highers/ Advanced Highers. The anticipation sure was hellish but like K our youngest came up trumps and will be at Glasgow uni/ school of art in less than a month! He has at least got into the halls of his choice - heard the same day.

    Tip to avoid empty nest syndrome - move house yourself or have an adult gap year. It is so totally scary that I've hardly given my poor son's new adventure a thought. Mind you he's found this FB page for all his fellow students (over 750 applicants for 30 places - only five Scottish students accepted!) and is having a ball getting to know them all although they are all so "cool" he can't bear to join in yet! So we all move together and he will be able to come and see us for the odd weekend for Sunday roast and dog cuddles! You take these things for granted probably but we've been a whole day's expensive travel plus a rough sailing away from the other two sons for five years now! How I've missed them - but not the mess or the late night drunken homecomings or lifts in the early hours somehow!

    And yes stress makes things worse for us AI people. She will have a lovely month travelling and as Helix says - whew to time off the stray mugs with sweetie wrappers and crumbs and stray smelly socks etc!

    So calming hugs wending their way down the winding A9 to you. Hey we will almost be neighbours soon! (all relative of course - even Londoners are going to seem like neighbours to us soon!)


  • I understand totally! My eldest daughter (which is now 36) wanted to travel during summer breaks from college. Unbeknownst to us, she applied for some grant to go to Russia to study wolves (she doesn't even like dogs! LOL!). But it got to her Russia. You talk about worried! She had to go through places where no one spoke English, and navigate around huge strange cities to get to where she was going. But even with all of our worry, she made it just fine and now has memories that will last forever. It's hard to let them go when they grow up. All three of ours are now in their 30s and have been on their own for a long time and doing well. All you can do is let them know that you love them, and send them on their way to explore the world. Gentle hugs!

  • Hay your quite write with stress and these bodies of ours. Your daughter is bright and resourceful and only a phone call away. Deep breath now need to chill out and think of all that washing you won't have to do now. C xxx

  • Never mine are aged 46, 44, 43 and 40. Its the youngest that has Aplastic Anaemia. She is having a bone marrow transplant next month with her brother (43) being her doner. So i'm stressed all the while as she could bleed to death or an infection any time be rushed in. I have to be calm and well so i can support her family she has 4 children ranging from 26 yrs next week to 10 yrs. The 26 yr old one is the one with the children that i look after.

    Hope you are all well and not in too much pain.


  • Jeez I have a cheek to be worried. I hope it all goes well xxxxx sending hugs

  • Thanks all , she's on the ferry and they are looking very happy and meeting more friends in Amsterdam xx

  • Just had to add a very late reply. Could have been me writing your post! Many congrats to your daughter. Know just how your feeling, mine also got into her first choice (Durham) and off interrailing on Monday! Trying to console myself with the thought that I did it back in the eighties and had fab time. Sure they both will too. Hope you can relax and enjoy some less stressful time.

  • They are keeping in touch all the time via Skype and Facebook messenger. So I'm feeling better about it. She also got nice accommodation so that is good.

    Good luck when your daughter moves too, Durham didn't do her course so we didn't look !

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