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Choo Choo.. A shameless plug.

I hope people don't mind me posting this here.

It's 1 week to go until I embark on my latest rail race for NRAS, after my last one the staff at the NRAS office got me a guards hat and whistle, unfortunately I wasn't able to model it at the co-ordinators conference as planned due to illness. So I'll be taking it along with me and hopefully get some photo opportunities with it en route. :)

I'll be starting from Birmingham New Street on 8th June at 07.30 and my first train will be down to Cardiff and due to arrive at 09.30, I'm hoping to dash to a local landmark to get a pic or two as I've built in some stopover time at each city this time.

I'll be leaving Cardiff at 11.20 to Holyhead, and arriving there at 16.15, then I'll hop onto the Swift ferry service to Dublin and arriving at 19.15

A chance to grab some pics in Dublin, before heading to the hotel (as my cousin is on holiday when I'm there so can't steal her spare room for the night)

07.30 next morning I'll be leaving Dublin Connolly station en route to Belfast, and am due to arrive there at 09.45

A chance for a quick few pics and then off to the 11.45 Stena Line ferry to Stranraer due to arrive in Scotland at 13.45.

I head off from Stranraer at 14.43, and have a change of trains at Ayr (16.13) and arrive in Glasgow Central at 17.09, a dash over to Queen street for the 17.30 train to Edinburgh, and due to arrive there at 18.24

A few hours in Edinburgh before (hopefully) getting on the 23.40 sleeper service to London Euston, and arriving in London at 06.43 on the 10th.

It would be lovely if anyone was able to pop along to any of my arrival points to say hello.

I'll be blogging the journey over on the blog page at nrasgreatrailrace.wordpress...

there is also a twitter account which you can find at!/NRASRailRace I’ll also be using the #NRASRailRace hashtag so it's easier to find.

The JustGiving page for this, and my other fundraising activities this year can be found at

A BIG thank you to you all, and everyone at NRAS HQ for their support with my madcap activities Razz


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Hi Jo. Ooooo this sounds brilliant. I am really envious and wish I could do something like that, I love train rides. I shall be donating but will have to leave until next week, but I will be doing so. Good luck you're doing a grand job. Bless.

Julie xx


great!! would like to donate a little something.. have got a donations link??

alison xx, fantasric journey.. have you blagged free or cheap tickets?? xx


Thanks folks :)

I'm using my priv staff travel Alison, as I used to work on BR before RA put an end to that :(, so still keep my Priv travel, whole journey is costing me about £13, £9 for the Holyhead - Dublin section with irish Ferries and £3 for the port tax on the Stena line service from Belfast - Stranraer (as they were both previously Sealink services) :) Only major cost will be the hotel in Dublin, as my cousin is on holiday or I could have stayed at hers overnight.


i mailed gina and she i believe has offered her bed?. can you tell me were or how to make a donation?. link please? x


Hi summer,

Just got notification of Gina's message. Thank you :)

Link for donations for the rail race and any other daft things i get up to this year is at

Thanks again

Jo. x


Good on you Jo hope it all goes well for you. I am going to follow the link and make a little donation. You go girl. Sharon


Yes good one Jo good luck. I too will make a donation, every little helps.

Mandy xx


Hi Jo

Can't believe it's only a week to go ... it's come round so quickly :) Doesn't seem long since you starting the planning for it! Hope some folk manage to catch you en-route, sadly you will be whizzing through Yorkshire (the nearest you'll come to Lancahire!) in the dead of night :(.

Will be following your blog and look forward to hearing all about it at the Co-ordinators Conference : )

Go Jo (but take care!)

Lyn xx


Hi Lyn,

I'll be flying through Lancashire as the Caledonian Sleeper goes via Carlisle, Crewe to Euston, but it leaves Carlisle at 01.43 and I think you might be asleep at that time ;)

I'm all gadgeted up to blog for the journey.

See you at the conference!

Jo. xx


Hi Folks,

The Rail Race went well, but I'm still exhausted from it even now. You can now read the blog about it over on the Rail Race Blog.

1100 miles in total (yes I've been anorak enough to work it out)

A few little tweaks still to make but you can read about my rail race at



Thanks again to everyone who supported me, and special thanks to the Ripley Court Hotel in Dublin for her donation by reducing my room price £10! and asking me to add it to my total.


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