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Please could anyone recommend any tablets chemical or herbal that you have taken that you have found help or at least ease the pain off a bit, my husband has just at long last been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in his big toe joint, he has been prescribed Naproxen which is all good and well, but is there any supplements that actually work that he could take on a regular basis? when it is really bad he can hardly walk any advise or tips greatly received. Thanks in advance.

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  • Thank you Kai 😊

  • Ah, you did start your own thread! Just catching up so hadn't seen this. I replied to your message on another post so rather than repeat myself you'll find it there. Hope it helps.

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  • Hello, my partner has recently been diagnosed with osteo and has found tablets called glucosamine marine chondroition which is a supplement meant to help rebuild cartilidge. Might be worth checking out! Good luck x

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  • I have RA and find these help me so if you want to try please let me know how you get on, no fizzy drinks , bell peppers ( in a salad raw or cooked) ,green tea . Also if heat is a relaxer try a bowl of warm water or a foot stool I personally cant do nuts or yogurt and a friend cant do cherry tomatoes but I know we are not all the same.

    This advice comes from love and a person who cant stand pain so even if one of the above ideas help then brilliant if you choose of course.

    I hope this has been helpful

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  • Have a look at the advice on the website for Arthritis Research.

    I remember reading there about some new stuff that they had been involved in testing for OA and seems to help. But I can't remember its name, sorry. But if you search through their information you will find some helpful information anyway.

  • Thank you oldtimer 😊

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