Hi all, I haven't been on here for sometime, but wondered if anyone has some suggestions as to what to ask GP when he calls me later for a telephone consultation.

I have osteo in my hands and feet, but due to me being unable to take or tolerate strong pain meds due to other meds and asthma, I am not sure what can be done. The pain and swelling in my hands is very painful, to the extent that the pain is making me nauseous. I have continual pain in my fingers and occasionally very sharp stabbing pain too.

I was wondering if I could get steroid injections in my fingers (would they inject all of them at the same time?). My Rheumy has now left my local hospital and I have been transferred to another one and that appointment isn't until 19th September, don't think I can wait that long before anything is done.



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Hi Jan

Have you ever called Arthritis Care? They would know more about osteoarthritis than we would and I'm sure someone on their helpline could talk you through the options available.

Their telephone number is 0808 8004050 (Mon-Fri, 10-4)

Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline)

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A general steroid injection may be better?? it does all the joints x


You could use hot or cold compresses for your pain?

And without being facetious, I would like to recommend lots of broccoli. Apparently there is news today that broccoli can slow down the development of osteoarthritis. Whatever next?


Thank you all for your replies, I have got an appointment privately next Thursday with Rheumy. Hope he can do something that will help, the pain is making me nauseous and so tired, my hips and feet are joining in too. Love broccoli so will eat more!!!! .? Had steroid injection in knee in May and it is only now starting to wear off, so hope I can get one for my hands. The hot and cold helps a little but doesn't last and the pain in hands wakes me up at night.

Thanks again all



I hope your rheumatologist can help. I wouldn't have thought steroids would be much use if it is OA. Steroids are really good for inflammation, and OA is normally wear and tear arthritis, not inflammatory, though there is an inflammatory form of it known as erosive osteo arthritis.. Its really important that you get a rheumatologist to check it out and make sure you have the right diagnosis, so they can then make decisions on the right kind of treatment.


I know how you feel.I cant tolerate anything stronger than paracetamol and some days cant clench my fists due to swollen knuckles.Does anyone get groin pain which is a dull ache and a really sharp pain now and again when walking. doctor said prob to do with my hips and back pain and will probably have to live with it.Also get sharp pains in my toes and have to go on tiptoes til it goes.I am a 68yr old and have never even been sent to a clinic.It feels like ,well thats my lot for the next 15 years or so.


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