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I had my first rheumatologist apt 3 weeks ago, I've had xrays and MRI's and have now just received my next apt letter dating 15th July for my next apt, that's 5 weeks away. Is it a standard waiting time? At my first apt the rheumatologist said he wants to see me as soon as poss after my Mri which was last week to discuss treatment etc so I'm a little shocked that it's 5 weeks away although grateful that I don't have to wait longer than 5 weeks.

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  • 5 weeks seems good to me. But you could always ring to see if they have any cancellations.The problem with rheumy depts is they are always so busy.

  • Yup, 5 weeks is not unusual. Sadly rheumatology isn't the best resourced service, so most places are hugely overstretched. It's just not a sexy sort of area to attract funds, bright young doctors and nurses and lots of attention. Since RA mainly hits older women, who cares? Only us.... (And yes I know lots of young people and men, but that's not the perception)

  • I will say helix, The rheumy service might not be sexy and is under resourced But my consultant is good to look at!!! And has an excellent manner.

  • Haha 😂 mines not so bad either!

  • I think 5 weeks is pretty good going. I've spoken with several people with different conditions whose Consultants have told them they want to see them at a certain point, but the reality is there aren't enough appointments. I have my check up today but made the appointment a year ago at my last appointment as they go quickly.

  • Blimey! Hope you get the most out of your apt today then. Good luck

  • Mine was 6-8 weeks, which turned out to be 8 because that was the next available one. Seems to be the way. Waiting room is always chock a block, so think that's the norm for our hossie anyway.

  • I have my next appointment on friday a full 9 months since my last so I think you are very lucky :-)

  • Hi there Julia I don't think 5 weeks is too bad at all. I saw my rheumy in Jan this year and had all the necessary blood tests, X.ray & Mri of neck and didn't get an appointment to see him again to start the necessary treatment till end of April (14 weeks later). By which time I could hardly walk into the consultation room to see him! I think if I had been started on methotrexate much sooner I would have been feeling a lot better by now and perhaps caught it within the timescale for treatment to work. As it is I am now on 25mg methotrexate a week having increased from 15mg to 20mg then 25mg but without much improvement tbh. I hope you get started on the right treatment for you so things can start improvIng for you. I hadn't realised its such a slow and long time to wait when you are in pain to hope your meds kick in.

    Good luck with everything. X

  • Gosh really. I'm new to all this so hadn't realised what timescale I'd be looking at! 5 weeks is pretty good then I take it from everyone's responses. Ok well I'll just keep busy between now and then as much as possible! Not difficult as we are moving soon - moving worries me as now I'll have to apply to transfer to a new rheumatologist and who knows if notes etc will be transferred. Worried I'll have to start the whole process again. We shall see.

    Thankyou for everyone's responses. X

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