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Finally got referral to rheumatologist


Hi, haven't been on here in a while so thought I'd give an update. Had xrays done on 23rd of February but they came back normal but my gp still isn't happy with the pain I'm in, my symptoms and the obvious swelling especially in fingers so she has referred me to a rheumatologist and also ordered more blood tests to check for inflammation markers as they were not checked in first tests. Bloods being done on 21st March and she's hoping that cause of my age, symptoms and family history I won't be waiting too long to see a rheumatologist.

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Hopefully your bloods will show what the x rays didn't & your appointment isn't too long off. It might be an idea to ask your GP if you should stop any otc pain relief or anti inflammatories you've bought or she's prescribed a few days before your Rheumy appointment. This was my GP's recommendation, best being examined & tested without anything that may give incorrect baseline results of pain & inflammation in order to diagnose accurately & start treatment at correct doses.

Keep in touch & let us know how you're doing.

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Hi, I'm not on any painkillers or anti inflammatories at the moment anyway. Tried naproxen and codien but neither worked so as it is I'm keeping clear of medication til hopefully the rheumatologist gives stuff that should help specifically

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No wonder your GP's not happy about the pain you're in. If it becomes too much to bear do ask, there are other options which won't take long to be out of your system for diagnostic bloods, imaging & examination. If it gets to the three months recommended for your first diagnostic appointment & the more inflamed your joints are the more pain you'll have. Naproxen does nothing for me either so my GP gave me something else for inflammation although I find 30/500mg co-codamol does help, I use it for breakthrough pain.

Take some pictures of your swollen fingers etc because odds are that it will have gone by the time you see the rheumatologist. Clemmie

Very good advice from Clemmie regards taking pics.

Good luck Ray.

Hope you don't have to wait too long Ray and good luck for appt. X

Hidden old are you? Useless X Ray 😑

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I'm 28


"she's hoping that cause of my age, symptoms and family history I won't be waiting too long to see a rheumatologist." Oh, so young. Good luck :-)

Bless you. I hope you get to see someone soon. x

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