1st rheumatology apt

Hi everyone I recently joined and posted for first time about 2 weeks ago asking about rheumatoid factor. I have my 1st rheumatology apt come through which is at the end of May. Not too long to wait but long enough when worrying. I'm not even sure it's RA but GP is obviously referring me for a reason. 

Hope everyone is ok and looking forwardto the weekend. 

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  • That's not too bad at all but any first appointment is always a concern. I hope it doesn't prove to be RD but if it is you have us all to talk to. Use this time to prepare what you want to ask, take any pics of inflammation particularly if it comes & goes & family history of inflammatory diseases, if you don't know it may help to ask your extended family. Anything else you think may help just ask, we've all had that dreaded first time.

    Enjoy your weekend. x

  • Thank you! Already been talking to family which my Nan has RA aswell as lots of other conditions. 

    Thanks for replying ☺

  • Best to take someone with you as it's hard to listen n take everything in.write things down about your pain etc and inform your consultant. I've been going for 5 years and I still go into stun mode.

    They will try n help you.prepare for urine sample,n they do height n weight n blood pressure n x rays

    Good luck 

  • Thanks for that info. Hopefully Ill try take my partner with me but we have a toddler so may not be able to. I've written things down and will take paper with me. 

    Thanks again ☺

  • Oh that's a good idea. Thanks

  • Definitely write some bullet points/notes down to remind yourself of symptoms, dates, medicines and questions.  If you have any swellings may be worth taking photos in case they disappear before your appointment.   I would try and take partner if you can as it can help them understand what you are going through and it is hard to take everything in - I have been going for many years and still drag him along.  Think about what you wear - short sleeves (blood pressure and blood tests) and either trousers that you can get above your knees or long shorts or skirt then you may get away without having to take too much off (tidy underwear in case you have to take more off as they generally do an all over joint assessment) and slip on shoes.  Farm

  • That's great, thanks so much for the advice. I'm already thinking about what to wear for ease! My right wrist has been especially painful today however there isn't always swelling so not sure what that means really and if it's RA or not. I'm not sure if partner can come so may have to go alone but wouldve been useful so he does understand as I don't always think he does. 

    Thanks again for replying ☺

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