Hi,I just wanted to thank everyone who replied to my post.I was gobsmacked by the number of replies.It's reassuring to know that there are people out there who care.I'll be taking the sixth dose of mtx tomorrow,hopefully I won't have too many side effects as we've got my wife's sister and family down for the weekend.I expect we will have to entertain the grandkids as well,only joking they're brilliant but somewhat tiring.

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  • Lol. Join the club mate. We are with our grandkids tomorrow as well! We will compare notes Monday !

  • Hope y get on OK ,the grandkids are a godsend and really cheer us up when we are down take care

  • Hi and welcome. Only just read your original post. Enjoy your weekend and time with your family--- the meds do take a bit of time to work but they can give you your life back☺x

  • Enjoy your weekend with the grandchildren .Tiring but distracting. I find with mine No matter how many times i say to them "Try not to stand on my feet" they have perfected the knack of accidentally ( and it is) of standing on the exact spot to have me jumping.

  • Whether they are your kids or your grandkids they are bloody hard work.

    Got to love 'em.


  • Grandkids are better. Spoil them rotten. Let them stay up late. Fill em up with E numbers and fizzy drinks. Then hand em back to their parents!

  • Wound up and ready to go...


  • Nice one,a man after my own heart

  • Always remember if you have side effects taking Tablets you could try Injections

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