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Hello My name is Sarah and I have RA, I was diagnosed 12 months ago, I was unsure what to take what with the medication being  so toxic, I opted for sulphursalazine but this wiped my white cells out and I was ill for a while, I have had 2 Depi-Medrone injections and now I am on Methitrexate 15mg X 6 tablets. Last night I had to go to hospital, another flare up, I had an emergency Depo-Medrone injection and I have to see how it goes for the next 2 weeks, if all ok my medication will remain the same if not my tablets will be increased to 20mg. 

I just feel so fed up as I'm off work more than I am there at the moment. 

Feeling very sorry for myself at the moment as I am unable to exercise due to extreme pain in my feet, orthotics have made me insoles but they are so thick I cannot get shoes to fit them. Can anyone offer advice please 

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I had the same problem with the insoles, not enough room for my feet! I saw a private podiatrist who recommended Interpod orthoses, which are much less bulky. I took them with me next time I I saw the hospital orthotist and he said they've also discovered them and are now using them!

Lots of us on this forum have trouble with our feet and previous posts have suggested the makes of shoes we have found work for us. My favourites are Mephisto and Wolky, which both come with very supportive foot beds so I can get away without using an orthotic insole. Hotter make shoes wide and deep enough to accommodate orthoses. 


I can't fault DB Widerfitshoes.


Its difficult I know but the NHS made me insoles but they made my problems and pain worse so I saw a private surgeon who advised me that had caused more damage and made the situation worse. So he operated and no pain I like Hootter but prefer Dr Maryns (flower pattern) Pikolenos ? spelt something like that , for great soft and fashionable shoes(just bought a pair of silver and blue heeled rope type to take on hols and best advise go to a really good shoe shop( not Clarks) but something like Jones who know how to fit shoes. I know how you feel about the meds but I'm in remission after blood clots den to RA so ts really about risk. RA is not just about swollen joints it can have hidden impacts. Best of luck with your hunt for shoes oh yes also T brand and some of the German brands are great really cool looking just bought a pair of really whacky brown sort of flat sandals with yellow flowers on them.


I wear insoles. I have to buy a size up. Try to look for shoes that have removable insoles so you can take theirs out and put yours in, do it in the shop so that you get the right shoes.


I have problems with my feet (like most people with RA) and I have found skechers go walk shoes to be the most comfortable shoes ever. They have memory foam in them so mould to all shapes of feet. Would definitely recommend trying a pair on :-) 


I agree on Skechers, one of my arches just collapsed one morning (heard a snap 😱) due to my opposite knee being in need of replacement and so that foot is very painful. Skechers go-walk are good and come in lots of colours / designs and are available in half sizes. 

They were the only thing I wore for a couple of years. I have since bought trainers for the gym and just general use and they are comfortable too. In fact my gym trainers are at least as comfy as the go walk ones.

I also had orthotics ones made for me and can't wear them as they are made of a very hard plastic, even though they are moulded to my feet they are agony to wear with a convex arch 💩


All the best  



ade - ouch,  that was painful! It  sounds like you snapped a tendon in your foot! I say that because it's what I did in my left hand, when I pressed on one (not realising what I was doing at time) and yes sounded like a twig snapping, but I had a finger curling inwards and couldn't straighten it because tendon was slowly tightening. I've also had to have 3 tendons cut on one of 3 foot ops on my right foot because toe joints also curling upwards! 1st op was to have my toes straightened by having a inserted in them.

 I was years younger in those days but still have bone problems in both feet and hands. For various reasons I've been researching my health history from birth and have made several connections for those reasons. One thing I learnt though is that bone problems can be caused by recurrent infections however caused.

Also I've been there done that with various insoles also, had some specially made by a podiatrist also, they caused their own problems in terms of width of shoes needed to be able to get them in. Things may be better now because of the passage of time and knowledge. Unfortunately I don't live in UK anymore so can't get the same sort of help where I am as easily, or shoe sizes, ladies here (France) tend to have longer or at least narrower feet than me, as they do in Holland also. It comes down to our genetics and bone structure in the UK, it's different to several European and Mediterranean countries. 

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Yes it did smart a little. Getting my back sorted at the moment (long story) but the foot is next on the list. My toes curl down not up! Think that is from my back. 

Anyway, don't want to hijack. 

Thanks SAMBS. 



Hi Sarah -hope you get your meds sorted and feel better soon.  I have also just had insoles made - I was told to go away and buy a pair of good running shoes just slightly larger than I would normally buy then took them in to check they were ok - took the insole out and put the one made for me in. My normal doc said they would feel uncomfortable at first he was right but now feel quite good ! I wear them alot - yeh I know running shoes !! but if I can walk better what the hell!


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