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Crp result

Hi all. 

Finally after over 12 months of normal blood results my nurse informed me this morning that my crp was raised. I'm not sure how to interpret the result but she said it was 10, which is higher than its been before. Can anyone advise as to whether this really is significant? I've been taking Naproxen (12 months) and Sulfasalazine (4 months) with not much benefits. I'm seeing my rhuemy in May and hoping to get some sort of diagnosis ( if that's possible.😕). 

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I reckon 10 isn't too bad gwynedd.   They've said it's raised and as I recall that is above the 'normal' range but not by much.  All sorts of things can cause inflammatory markers to be raised .... including colds etc. I believe.  Some people just do have higher levels than others but as this isn't normal for you it may well be a sign that the drugs you're taking aren't controlling your condition particularly well.  

Of course it could 'help' .... i.e. help you get a diagnosis, help you to get onto another drug that may do the trick .... in the early days these indicators can be blessings in disguise in that they may move things forward.    


Thank you Postle2, for me it felt like some sort of confirmation that I'm not imagining the pain in that respect it has helped me. I'm hoping that having this  result along with joint swelling/pain and my psoriasis will confirm my suspicions of Psa.


If it does turn out to be PsA then it certainly could help with the diagnosis.  Not everyone with PsA shows signs of inflammation in blood tests, though I did and I think it speeded things up once I eventually got to see a rheumatologist!


CRP of 10 is not very high. So I won't be concerned a lot, if you you doubt you better ask you Rheumy.

Wish you all the best!



Thank you Bas


10 is not overly high but if this is higher than you have had before it may show that your current drugs are not controlling the disease enough as the sulpha should be starting to work now.    Farm


That was my thinking Farm. I've been in a lot of pain for about 2 -3 weeks now despite the sulf. My  crp level has usually been around 4 but to be honest it doesn't feel any worse than its been in the past year on and off. I'm just grateful to have this site as a place to gain info and chat to people who have a real understanding of this disease. Big thank you to everyone 

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