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PIP assessment


Hi all.

First of all lets all start by thinking that it is summer time and with some luck maybe it will be. That said I had my PIP assessment done today at home and I now have to wait about 6 weeks for the outcome fingers crossed (if I could)

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I hope it went well Alan & you hear sooner than the 6 weeks, it seems to be less at the mo. I had mine a year last December & I heard in a fortnight. Let us know once you find out.

Will do

I will do it for you.......I can just about manage that today.

Good luck and hope you are successful



I had mine last Tuesday and got letter today, awarded for 4 years, review after 3.  Better than last time when award was 2 years and review after 1, so stressful.  I hope you hear quickly and are successful.

Be aware of pip assessors,  I had mine done recently,  as I happened I was having a particularly bad day pain wise and movement wise. She made me feel very comfortable as was quite nervous about the appointment, and came away feeling that she understood my problems and issues. Big mistake. She had given me a false sense of security and it actually had a bad effect on my claim as she had not written down what she saw but also things that I had said, some which I thought was just friendly talk between us, and the two things didn't match up and I was actually marked down for some aspects of my claim because of this.  So beware they are trained to make you lower your guard and it will not be in your favour. 

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It's a pity you didn't pop on here Nikki & ask what to expect at your PIP assessment. We could have advised you of all the things the assessor's looking for, many of us have gone through the process & we've all learnt from one another. If you feel that you've been misunderstood or you're not happy with the level of your award result have you considered requesting reconsideration, that is if you've recently recieved notification of your PIP award? If you are able to consider this (within 1 month from your face to face) call the DWP & ask for your report, if you haven't already, then you can make the decision if you think it's worth pursuing.

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