Hi,I have rheumatoid disease,osteoarthritis and Extrasystoles and wondered if the three are connected.The Extrasystoles I have had for a number of years but the past few months they have increased making me feel even more tired and I wondered how other members manage their Extrasystoles.Having these extra heartbeats is making my daily life miserable even though I was told they are not life threatening.How do you cope with yours?Any advice would be gratefully received.

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  • I've never heard of them being related to either RA or OA.   Did your doctor suggest they might be?   But sympathy as I can imagine that they're a bit unnerving.  

    But if you are suffering from fatigue that could easily be the RA rather than the heartbeats, is your RA well controlled right now?   

  • Yes,my rheumatoid is well controlled,taking methotrexate and hydroxy,low doses of both.I do suffer terribly with fatigue and the extra systolic heartbeats don't help as they make me slightly breathless.I guess I will have to mention it again to my GP. I'm no longer under the care of a rheumatoid dept. as my rheumatoid has been stable for quite some time.Thank you for taking the time to reply to me.Have a good day.

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