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Help with migraines please ??


Hope everyone is keeping well, I know this isn’t an RA question but wondered if anyone can help?? The last 3 months I’ve had the most awful migraines with nausea and some vomiting. I’m 51yrs, have had RA for about 8yrs, but don’t think it’s connected to this. The migraines come on days 1 or 2 of my period and are the worst I’ve ever experienced. The first month this happened I was in bed for nearly 3 days!! My GP has given me some Frovatriptan to take when I get them which is effective but I’m still heading to bed for a few hours which will be difficult when I finally return to the office. As they are clearly a hormonal headache, and yes I’m reaching ‘that’ time of life 🙄 I wondered if anyone had experienced the same and had any success with trying to prevent them. I’d prefer to try something more natural first but open to any suggestions?? Thanks everyone 😁

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Migraines are just pants . Yours sound like they are hormonal migraines . I got these during the change they are horrendous my came with partial face paralysis. I had ahead ct all fine stopped once I started HRT. Alcohol was a trigger as well. Never had migraines prior to the menopause

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Good to hear hrt helped and you’re better as they are so awful

Have you spoken to your doctor about trying HRT?

Headaches when you are premenopausal are not unusual & HRT often helps.

It’s not an irreversible decision..... Wouldn’t you rather be without the headaches rather than spend a couple of years trying “natural remedies” then having to resort to the HRT after all?

Much more is known about hormone therapy these days and there are many different choices.

I will speak to my dr to see what he can suggest, thanks

I had hormonal migraines, as did my Mum. I started off with Migraleve Pink then I tried a couple of the prescribed 'triptan group, the first was sumatriptan, & they'd help for a while & then stop working. I used to have to lie the migraines out in bed, curtains & later shutters (in Spain) closed & try to sleep. My h couldn't cook anything with a distinct smell for himself as my sense of smell heightened & caused vomiting, that with the auras was the worst part along with the vice tightening every bit of my brain. They eased by the time I was 54, then I had an FSH blood test to check my menopause status. I did discuss HRT with my GP but agreed with her it wasn't for me, one concern was it can in itself cause migraines if you're susceptible. She warned me against black cohosh, a common 'remedy'. In the last 5 years I’ve only had them when really stressed, family deaths really. I believe feverfew is used for migraine but never tried it myself, I’m not great believer in alternatives. I hope others can recommend something for you, I empathise, they're not nice things but hopefully you'll be like me & find they ease off given a bit more time.

They are pretty awful, I will speak to my GP to see what he has to say. It would be great to stop them rather than just treat them when they come

My goodness Paula, reading your reply you could have been writing about me, apart from the auras. Tried lots of different combinations of drugs to no avail, all the natural alternatives were a waste of time and HRT was too risky for me. I used to have 15 days every month down with migraine, all hormonal. I still use the Sumatriptan injection when needed, it was the only thing that helped me. Thankfully the migraines are few and far between now since the menopause, although air pressure does affect me when it is stormy. All I want now is the hot flushes to stop and I’ll be a happy bunny, 28 years of them is more than enough I think 🥵!

Hi Rosie_rabbit. I have been suffering with headaches for a long time. I used to get them a few days before my period. The headaches turned into migraines when my periods stopped. I was put on various HRT to help with menopausal symptoms. The migraines gradually got worse from having them just once a month to having 3 days of pain as many as 3 times a month, along with a heightened sense of smell. I'm not sure if this is my hormones or the effect of the hrt, or the RA medication causing this. I found that avoiding strong chemical fragrance/perfumes helped reduce the attacks. I take Zolmitriptan for migraine which has been the best med so far for me, with less side effects.

I also find that meditation helps greatly in the morning and at bedtime to calm/relax the body, which has helped avoid the onset of tension induced headaches.

Strangely, though, since lockdown I have had only one migraine! Whether that is the environment or being less stressed I don't know. Or it could be that my Rituximab medication is wearing off.

I had a Rituximab infusion last July/ Aug, and I'm due for my next one as soon as they allow. Hope this helps. x

Glad they’ve reduced during lockdown and hope you get your infusion soon x

Imigran / sumatriptan work for me! I need them every month like you !

Hi. I used to get hormonal migraines every month. They are awful. I was put on a preventative medicine which I took for 6 months and it was brilliant. I cant remember what it was called, sorry brain like a sieve. After taking the meds I didn't get a single migraine for 4 years so its definitely worth asking your gp about preventative meds. Good luck.

Hi, that’s interesting to hear and sounds like a good path possibly for me as I don’t think I’m quite at the Hrt stage yet!! We’re these something you took all the time or did you just take during your period? I did read somewhere whilst looking online that taking the triptan type meds for the days 1-3 could help. I always like to have an idea of what’s around so I can feel more informed when I discuss with my GP. Thanks

It was something I took every day for 6 months. It worked brilliantly. Good luck.

I can certainly relate to this andI feel for you. I’ve suffered migraines all my life but a good few years back I had a cracker like you I was bed ridden for a week vomiting high fever and a sore head which I’ve never felt pain like it Gp gave me anti sickness tabs and the an anti sickness jab nothing helped on the last day my hubby drove me to surgery where I was sick again and the gp sent me straight to hospital. ( by this time i thought I had a brain tumour) they did ct scan and other tests and also had a lumber puncture I was kept in and mysteriously the headache started to subside Another doctor came to see me the next day and said everything was clear and it was just a migraine!! I had a MRI a few weeks later and they discovered a slipped disc in my neck I’ve been on Amytripline since then, and although they help I still have regular migraines One bit I didn’t mention while in hospital another patient said her sister had the same symptoms and discovered it was from material used in a memory foam pillow which I also used. Needless to say I haven’t touched one since I do hope you get ease I’m 69 now and have both RA and Osteo x

I used to get terrible migraines and I found avoiding chocolate, cheese, coffee and wine especially around the time of my period helped. If I had any of these food items it would start a migraine off. I do not get so many now but the only medication that has helped me is pink migraleve with I take as soon as I feel a migraine coming on and it stops the nausea in its track too. I have to close the curtains and stay in darkness as the light makes them worse.

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