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Humira/adalimumab experiences

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Within 3 weeks I will start with Humira /adalimumab, I amon mtx, Sulfasalazine , and prednisolon . Has anyone of you been on Humira/adalimumab or still is. What are your experiences with this drug?

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I was on Humira for about 14 months. It worked quickly and very well until it suddenly stopped working and I had a massive flare. For the first couple of months I would get a very bad headache in the days following injection but it gradually got less and less until it didn't happen. The injection stings a bit ( make sure you take it out if the fridge at least 30 minutes before injecting.) Clemmie 

Thanks for your reply!

Hi, I went from Sulphasalazine 17 years to methotrexate tabs that did nothing to Humira/adalimumab. The best thing out. I have been on this about four years now and from the first injection it was fantastic it went from 29 CRP pain to 1.7. Amazing. Long May it continue. I take 4 methotrexate tablet too as I am told they compliment each other. I also take 4 paracetamols as a backup but no diclofenac sodium tabs. It works for me. Basically painfree, no tiredness. Hope it sorts you out. I've forgot how painful it used to be its been so long since I have had pain. 

Thanks for your reply. It gives hope!

Sorry but it didn't work and two other biologics didnt

That is my fear too. I have been on enbrel and Tocilizumab . The first worked but I had to stop because of the side effects. The toci did nothing.

I was on it for about three tears for R/A.  It worked for a while and then one day it just stopped working as many R/A meds do.  When it worked, it worked just fine, no side effects or anything the like.  Blessings 

Thanks for your reply,

As it has worked so well for me for so long. I am counting my blessings after your comments and hoping it continues to work for me for a long time. I don't even get stiffness on getting out of bed in a morning. It's been like a miracle cure so far.

Hi, I've been on it since 2007 and I've been lucky. It's worked really well and I haven't had any side effects. Good luck xx

Thanks for your reply!

I've been on it since just before Xmas and it seems to be working, but I have had small injection site reactions...nothing like the horrible ones I had with Enbrel. 

Thanks Matilda!

Hope it works well for you. Let us know if you have any problems with it.

I.'ll do that!

Hi I had just one dose of humira and it was the worse allergic reaction, from a big headech to the worse cold Simpsons body ache and really cold I had to go to the ER so my doctor ask me not to take it again, after that he put me in sulfasazine and also did not work had UTI and I had to stop, my next step is to star on remican. Hoping for this one to work... But everyone is different I know that works for others, so it won't hurt to give it a chance good luck I hope that  you fill better.

Thanks, wish you all the best too, and I hope they will find the right treatment!

Hi ive been on sulfazaline and mxt and mycophenolate and am about to be started on humera, I thought, but it actually seems to be avgatir. Don't know why consultant gave me the leaflet about humera, when it's another anti TNF he's putting me on.

Like you, I'm looking for info, so will be looking at what others are saying. Good luck with it

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