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I had my 2nd Golimumab injection 2 weeks ago. I know it's early days but there does seem to be some temporary improvement in my wrists.  What I'm struggling to cope with is the pain that I experiencing in my right foot and ankle. In the 9 years that I have sufferd RA I have never had a problem in this area. Whilst being positive, I was mentally  prepared for the Golimumab not to work but I didn't expect the pain to be worse and in a different part of my body. Has anyone had similar experience with Golimumab? Has anyone any tips for maintaining mobility with foot/ankle pain other than heat/cold packs, pain killers and 'carrying on regardless'

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when I was taking Golimumab I never experienced any extra ra pain.  However the drug did not work for me.  If I where you I would talk to you dr and see what he has to say about things.

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