Wrist pain

For about a year or two, I've been having this on again and off again pain in my left wrist. 

The pain only occurs on the back of my wrist, (not the palm side), and when I bend it, the pain increases and hurts a lot. 

I'm unsure if it's maybe an injury or something of the sorts, but it always seems to come back after it disappears for a few moths or a year. It hurts a whole lot and I'm wondering if it could be wrist tendonitis. I don't have any numb or tingly sensations in my hand or fingers, and the pain only occurs on the back of my wrist. 

Any ideas as to what it could be? I never see my dr for it because it always ends up going away, but I don't want to leave it be for too long, as it could be something far worse than I made it out to be. 


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  • Just caught that-- months* not moths! Ha ha 

  • There are 13 small bones  in your wrist, and it's quite easy for one to get slightly displaced.  Best thing would be to see GP, and if he/she also thinks it's something mechanical then ask to be referred to physio. 

  • See your GP and ask for an Xray

  • Check out De Quervain's syndrome on the BSSH website. I had the surgery simultaneously with that for carpal tunnel on both sides of the left wrist. They show perfect illustrations.  I tried to post earlier but my reply seems to have vanished into cyberspace.

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