Aspartame and auto immune disorders

Hi all, recently read about Excitotoxins and the havoc they cause to our health. Wanted to know whether they cause auto immune disorders too. Found the above site. Passing it on for every one's benefit.

This site has very clear info about Excitotoxins . 

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  • April the 1st and all 

  • Sorry Philip, I didn't even remember it was April 1st. Definitely not my intention to fool people. All of us here suffer a lot. I have been reading a lot about why auto immune disorders have increased every where. Please don't belittle people' s efforts to give some valid information that may help in making all of us better. 

  • I wouldn't belittle anyone's efforts because we are all in the same boat, over here in the UK the 1st day of April is April fools day and the amount of jokes and stories going around is enormous, so you can see why sometimes some things subjected to scrutiny. I'm sorry for any upset caused to you.

  • I'm not sure if you can buy aspartame in the UK.  It seems there are stevia, saccharine and so on.  I hear aspartame causes cancer (a couple of Drs. told me) but if you can't get it here..

  • Canderel is an aspartame sweetener here. My h is diabetic & he's choosy which sugar alternative he has but I'm not sure about the cancer theory, Diabetes UK neither. They recommend that only people with phenylketonuria (a rare genetic condition) don't use aspartame backed up by these links from these two US sites, one being the American Cancer Society This is the other from a digital publication focused on tech, science, innovation & culture

    Give a dog a bad name & all that.

  • Nomoreheels.  Thank you. I will take a look next time when I am at supermarket.  It depends on how much he is taking.  If he is taking loads, ..but if he is using a small amount....everything causes cancer, air we breathe in etc. If your husband does not suffer from autoimmune disorders, I think it's up to him.  I no longer use aspartame myself.  Stopped a few years ago, strongly advised against by two MDs. I knew they were right.  They also said that it is excitotoxin which affects neurons causing oxidative stress on cells, which in turn start to malfunction. 

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